It’s finally a lamp…

Last night I got the chance to finish my lamp for Conjuration Five  – Sorcery Illumination.  My original vision for the piece came out fairly well as a finished project.  My only real complaint is that watercolor is a very unforgiving medium.  Unlike acrylic paints, you can’t just throw some of your base color over the top and try again; with watercolor you are pretty much stuck with whatever happens.  That being said, the cracking on the egg portion came out well, and the base is acceptable.  Before I painted, I anointed the bottom of the item with a bit of blood, so all I need to do now is some deep meditation to really get the thing going.

I guess the rest of the Illumination portion of the training is to work with the effect that is generated and use it to help achieve my goal.  As for the rest of my training, my biggest hangup right now is figuring out exactly what I want to do for my Sorcery Invocation.  I have done little disguise experiments before, and I will say that the experience can be profound.  If you change the way you dress, walk, and talk, people will have such a different view of you it’s amazing.  I’ve been accused of being in one of the bands at a rock concert and I’ve even been vehemently accused of being a professional wrestler.  Assuming different roles in situations where I have a good chance of being anonymous has been something of a sick little hobby for longer than I care to admit.  The fun part about it, is it’s terrifyingly effective.  Most people would never guess that you are any different in daily life than you are at the moment you meet them, so as long as you come off as who you want to be in those first moments of contact, you have altered your reality and theirs.

Time to build my lamp…

As I near completion of the Sorcery portion of the training, I still have a lot left to do.  I have done enough divination work over the past couple of weeks to make my head swim with tarot card images, and I have been fairly good about recording everything into my journal for later review and use.  I’m going to wait a bit before I declare myself finished with Conjuration Two  – Sorcery Divination, only because I’m waiting on some short-term events to unfold to help measure the accuracy that my readings produce.  While I have already made a post about it, I’m still working on enchantments from Conjuration Three, but that will most likely turn into an ongoing practice, rather than something that I restrict to this training.

I’m going to save Conjuration Four  – Sorcery Invocation for last, as I see it as something that I want to put a great deal of thought into before attempting.  I wouldn’t want to try such a spell for arbitrary reasons, and I wouldn’t want to channel a force that I don’t understand very well.  So, that leaves me with working towards Conjuration Five  – Sorcery Illumination.  I have a problem with improperly handling stress, so better skills in identifying when stress is coming on, accepting the outcome after I have done my part, and release after the situation has been resolved will be my primary focus for my Illumination.

Yes, that does sound like a lot to take on, but nobody said change was easy.  Even magic takes work, thought, education, and dedication.  If the time comes that I am ready to move toward the Shamanic portion of the training and I still do not feel complete in this step, I will consider progress a success and move forward.  The nice part about moving forward is I can use the new skills I learn in later conjurations to help my overall process of Illumination.

I haven’t decided what to make as a lamp yet.  I consider it to be a major part of this process, so I feel it needs to be something I make with my own hands.  Just to keep snoops away, I’ll etch/engrave the piece with Theban letters, so nobody will know the intention of the piece but me.  I don’t tend to speak about my beliefs outside the anonymous world of the Internet, the area I live in is terribly backwards in its level of tolerance.  A local fellow received death threats just for selling the Magic CCG at his comic shop.  The wild, wild west still has a bit of the  “Law West of the Pecos “ running around in the shadows.