Astral Projection is apparently out…

Quite a while ago I posted about an amazing experience I had during astral projection. Since that post, I have continued my meditation and projection with increasingly good results. I have learned to meditate within a projection, which has given me access to some really interesting experiences and results. I haven’t been doing it since there was the bad energy polluting the ether, mostly because I know that I am heavily influenced by these forces while in this state.

I had a close friend, whom I trust very much, do a reading about when I can return to the astral, and the simple answer is never. There is a heavy element of danger involved, which is why I stopped projecting in the first place. Like most things, energies can have a positive and negative influence to them, and I guess I draw in the negative energy while in my astral state.

This isn’t something that can be solved by some hippie visualization of surrounding myself in white light, this is the fact that I have tapped into the astral well on a very deep level, but I got too good at it too fast to develop my safeguards for it along the way. It seems that something has noticed that and is lurking about in the ether waiting for my return.

I had been having strange, intrusive experiences while projecting before I stopped, but I figured that was part of the larger picture of imbalance in the ether. It turns out that I was wrong.

Being the smart little Chaote that I am, I built some objects and did some spell work to help me get deeper into astral projection. I even incorporated a bit of science to help me manipulate my brainwaves to get into that deep theta state within just a couple of minutes after I started meditating.

The warning I have for others is this: Don’t try and force your way into the astral too fast. Yes, there are amazing things when you get down deep enough, and we all want that, but part of it naturally taking a long time is your mind’s way of developing defenses about whatever may be malevolent towards you.

So, this wonderful tool has been cut off by my own haste, and I have nobody to blame but myself. Deep inside the ether there are the answers to everything, and the ability to shift reality more easily than you ever could from the outside. It’s like having direct access to the source of all things in the universe and time.

Luckily, I am not so arrogant that I can’t accept there are some things beyond my control at this time, and that there are things I simply shouldn’t do. I will check again after a year or so to see if it is safe for me, but I will have to accept the fact that it may be removed from my grasp forever, or accept the alarming amount of risk that would be involved if I reentered the Astral.

If all you experience while projecting is unicorns and rainbows, you’re either fooling yourself or doing it wrong.

Tarot, Spirits, and Debunking: A Weekend Tale

It has been an eventful weekend.  Less so with esoteric matters, but an eventful weekend nonetheless.  We are currently in the process of packing up all of our belongings in preparation for our new house, so that leaves me with a lot less free time than I’m used to.  Luckily, Saturday night I did get to spend some time with my wife and the cards; two of my favorite things to spend a long evening with.

Our series of questions to the Tarot focused primarily on a strange event that happened on Friday (spontaneous object movement), and we didn’t really drift too far towards any tangents during our session.  At the end of our session, I asked my wife if she felt any presence in the area, and she said that she did.

The reason that this is noteworthy is that I’m usually completely oblivious to the presence of any entities.  We both concurred that the mood in the room changed drastically about ten minutes before we finished.  The room somehow felt smaller than it did moments before, and there was a (very uneasy) part of me that just knew that something was there with us.  It’s very hard to describe to anyone who hasn’t had this feeling before.  In fact, it was very difficult until I met my wife to confirm what this type of feeling was at all.  It almost annoys me how calm my wife can stay through experiences like this, but I guess anyone would get pretty used to it if they could do it their entire life.

I also debunked something this weekend.  I have a history as a skeptic, which is why certain people are so shocked that I’m getting into magic.  Like I told them: if I can test it, I’m willing to try anything.  My debunking was quite simple.  On Sunday morning I saw a human shadow pass across the wall of our living room.  My wife was sitting in a chair, so it wasn’t her, but my father was nowhere to be found.  He came in just a moment later and, when asked, said he hadn’t been in the front yard at all; which is the only place the shadow could originate from.  I went out front and checked, and the front gate was open, and there were footprints in the tall grass.  The neighbor kid must have come over to retrieve some sort of errant toy.

Why should I bother telling such a simple story?  I tell it because people who aren’t willing to put in a minimal amount of thought and effort to help validate/dispel their beliefs drive me nuts.  Just because you can disprove a shadow on your wall as being something special doesn’t mean there won’t be others that you can’t debunk.  I guess I’m strange in the fact that I really don’t care what the answer is, I just want the answer.  Once I know the truth, I can easily make a rational decision and progress.  Trying to force everything into my specific belief system would just make me lose faith in everything.

Side note:  If you want something fascinating to watch, check out the Clovis Wolfe Manor episode of Ghost Adventures Season 3.  It’s available on Netflix instant play, and was a great addition to my weekend.

An encounter with an entity…

After work last night, my father, my daughter and I ran off to get some dinner, while my wife chose to stay at home and squeeze in a little bit of personal time.  My wife has been a sensitive ever since she can remember.  She grew up in a very secluded are, with little contact outside of her family, so she was surprised when she learned at an older age that other people couldn’t see and hear what she did.  Much like with the aura experiment that we did, the information she gives has been very confirmable in the past, so I have no reason to doubt what she says she experiences.

One of the nice things about where we live right now is that it’s a relatively calm area for paranormal activity.  The land has been in my family for generations, there have been no deaths on the property, and we have had no history of heavy paranormal activity in the entire period we have lived there.  That’s why last night was such a surprise.

After we got home from our dinner and paint swatch quest, got my daughter in bed, and started relaxing ourselves, my wife calmly said,  “There was a guy here earlier. “  I asked her what he wanted and she said that she had no idea, he just walked up the driveway, back out to the road, and then disappeared.  I finally figured out what she was saying and confirmed with her that she was not talking about a solid, tangible person.  While our property is not entirely devoid of activity, something of this magnitude is a truly rare occurrence.

As I found out hours after it happened, I wasn’t terribly shocked when my sweep of the area turned up nothing on my gadgets and gizmos.  My wife said that whatever it was left, or was at least out of her range.

Now, I must warn you, this is the part where I will lose most of my audience.  As I have said in previous posts, I have been a student of the tarot for a number of years.  They were one of my first big steps into the unknown, and they provide amazing insight, even if they don’t always tell me what I want to hear.  So, we have had a saga going with the cards for over a year now.  It involves my wife’s sensitivities, her future with her abilities, and a foretold encounter with a dark entity.  I told you, it gets a bit convoluted.  When we inquired with the cards, it indicated that it was a fairly powerful, hostile entity that was still in the area.  It was drawn to my wife (the specifics I will not explain here) because of its desire for that kind of energy.  According to the Tarot, this is the precursor to the dark being we have been warned about for well over a year now.

When we first started dealing with this kind of reading we didn’t put much credence into it, but we are really starting to wonder now.  Too many things have lined up just to be coincidence in my opinion, and I guess that’s what has me so intrigued by what happened last night.  The bad news is that, if the story the cards have woven is true, it’s not all wine and roses.  It will be a difficult time for the entire family, but it will be devastating if we do nothing about it.  I guess we have no choice in the matter, so all we an do is change our reality to push our future the direction we want it to go.