Athame in my possession…

I’m not usually a fan of birthdays, but when one is really well-timed, they can be pretty handy.  For my birthday this year I got a beautiful double-edged dagger.  How fortunate that I was in need of a ceremonial dagger (Athame) and it all just seemed to work out.

Now I just need to consecrate the silly thing and I’ll have a tool that I can use in some of the rituals that I perform.  The only problem is, I haven’t decided exactly what my ritual will be yet.  There is such a wide array of opinions as to the consecration of magical tools that it makes me feel like I’m at a buffet.  I’m thinking I’ll start with some candles and incense, take a large serving of focused meditation for the main course, perhaps a side of an appropriate incantation, and finish it all off with a bit of blood anointing for desert.

It’s nice to not be bound to one single magical paradigm, as I can pull together the pieces that will make it a meaningful ritual for me.  I have never found any one discipline that I have found all-encompassing, but all of them contain something there I find interesting, and can find use for in the future.