New year, new spells, new people…

Over the weekend, a piece of jewelry came into my possession. It’s a little necklace with a pentacle hanging from it. It is too small for my rather beefy neck, and I don’t think a guy my size would look good in a makeshift choker. Yes, it’s crap jewelry, but I like it anyway.

Last night I decided to bind the object to me. It was my usual sort of deal for the binding: Meditation, fetishes, whiskey, bleeding, and incense. There was only one thing out of the ordinary, and I think it was a sign that I was really in the right state of mind from the meditation. For the first time, I had absolutely no pain when bleeding myself. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but my Athame is about as dull as you can get. I never remember to sharpen it unless I’m about ready to make a cut, which is not the time to pull out the whetstone.

In the past I’ve had to work for several minutes to get the blade deep enough to draw blood, but not this time. I just pushed the tip in, flattened out the blade, and kept applying gentle pressure until it was deep enough to get the job done. There was no pain at all, even though I could still feel every sensation. It was awesome.

While I was having quality time in my sacred space, my wife and brother-in-law were out in the dining room. This was only my bother-in-law’s second set of readings from the cards, and it was my wife’s first time doing them for someone else. After I was done with my binding, I snuck out to the kitchen and listened in on what they were doing. She was doing a very credible job of interpreting the cards, and he was sucking the information up like candy.

It was quite a cool way to start out a new year, and everyone had a good time. My wife seems to be growing in her curiosity about what I do, but I’m still keeping her in the dark about how I do it. I’ll be general with anyone, but the specifics need to be figured out by, and tailored to, each individual. It’s not because everything is a big damn secret, it’s because everyone has to do things differently if they want it to work.

I hope this year will be great for everyone. I plan on finishing the last part of my Liber KKK training, and then it’s off into the completely delusional life of chaos. May you all find what you’re looking for too.