Wand Building: Phase One

As I’m still figuring out what I’m going to build as a lamp for my Illumination, I decided to start constructing my wand last night.  I had a brain-melting day at work yesterday, so I figured something fairly simple was just what my mind needed to unwind for the evening.

I selected the wood for my wand a little over a week ago out in our woodshed.  I found it in a wheelbarrow that just had random wood chunks in it, leftovers from a dead tree removal we had done over a year ago.  This made the wood ideal as it was bone dry, and it hadn’t developed any splits.  I stored my selected piece with my sacred objects while I waited for an opportunity to work on it, hoping it would become accustomed to the other items.

I started by removing all of the bark with my AthamÈ.  Even though it’s still not consecrated, using the AthamÈ in the creation process will help bind the two objects together.  After I removed all the bark I went out to our shop and used a bit of modern equipment to finish the rough shape and the first round of smoothing.  I don’t mind doing things the old way, but using a dull knife on the bark was enough for me.  After basic shaping and smoothing, I did the final steps with plain old sandpaper.  I didn’t try to get every little nick and bump out for a couple of reasons.  First, I think it adds character to something to have those little imperfections in it.  Second, most of the harder to remove marks were caused by my AthamÈ, and I didn’t want to remove its influence from the wand.

Just to keep the wood from getting wacky after I removed its natural protection, I put a single layer of a light oil finish on it.  It’s not the final finish it will receive, but it will protect the bare wood from insects and other harm until I finish it.  I also anointed it with a couple drops of blood to start the processes of binding the wand to my will.

Before I consider the wand complete, I will engrave some relevant elements on the shaft.  I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet, but both my AthamÈ and the wand will need some form of personalized inscription before the process is finished.  If fact, the other two objects I have left to make (chalice, pentagram) will also have to be etched/engraved before I perform the consecration ritual.  I’m just happy that I don’t have to hurry in this process.  Yes, it is taking me a while to get to everything, but I feel like I’m making more thoughtful decisions, which should help the efficacy of the entire journey.