Moving forward with the Liber KKK…

I’m still moving forward with my Liber KKK training.  While I’m really excited to work towards later parts of the book, I think I’m moving a bit too fast.  I was rereading Liber Kaos today and ran across the portion where Carroll states that one success with a particular conjuration should be the minimum done, and he recommends that you have five successes before moving forward.  Throughout my college days, I was an A student.  it had nothing to do with being smarter, it was just a matter of dedication and effort.  I have a feeling that if I rush too fast through the foundation level portions of this training that I’m not going to truly have what I need to continue well with the process.  So, I’m going to relax a bit, do a few more enchantments, a few more evocations, some divining and continue work towards my illumination and invocation.

On that note, my Tarot cards are helping me choose the subject for my Invocation.  I haven’t quite narrowed it down yet, but I’m sure it will be a good choice.  For my first Illumination, I have decided that my lamp will be a necklace.  I will start crafting the pendant this week.  In the interim, I have tons to do with work, the new house, and a family that all need plenty of much deserved attention.

On the nature of Chaos…

Yesterday was a beast.  I’m working on a huge project at work that I haven’t had much time to apply myself to.  I got a lot done Monday and Tuesday, but yesterday was a total waste.  I spent six hours trying to figure out how to align some video inside of a 3D environment to eliminate some graphical anomalies I was getting during rendering.  I finally figured out what’s wrong with it this morning, and the term  “facepalm “ is all that comes to mind.  You might be wondering what in the hell a hard day at work has to do with Chaos, but I promise I will eventually get there.

Do you remember when one of our mars orbiters crashed?  The problem was a small oversight in the conversion of measurement units.  This small, nearly insignificant problem, when extrapolated over a massive distance, meant the lander turned into a lawn-dart, instead of doing what was expected of it.  That is a textbook example of chaos.  My problem at work turned out to be a very similar phenomenon.  I forgot that computers start counting at zero, instead of one like we do in our everyday lives.  So, to make a long, very technical story short, I included zero on both ends of my squares, so every damn one of them overlaps by a pixel on both the x and y planes.  A small oversight that caused massive changes in the final outcome of the project.

In Liber Kaos, Peter Carroll suggests that we should change our history to change our present.  While you can’t go back and dig the martian orbiter up, hit it with some Elmer’s glue, and start over, the versioning I do on my project files allows me to do something similar.  I need to revert my file and tweak it (just a little) so my final product will have the outcome and look that I need to be successful.  We attempt to do a similar thing with Chaos Magic when we cast spells.  Sometimes we want to affect the future outcome of a certain situation, but we can also change our present reality, and the only way to do that is by changing the past.

While I’m not saying I can sit down, light a candle, and wave my hands to align all 864 square properly, the concept still holds as a solid comparison to Chaos.  Magic would be more like making a subordinate do the work for me so when I arrive at the office tomorrow, the file is in the state of reality that I desire.  Sadly, there are none who know how to do what I need, so I have no choice but to do it myself.  It’s laborious, but job security is a wonderful thing.

The search for divination…

I’m currently preparing myself to follow the second step in the Liber KKK. Conjuration Two  – Sorcery Divination will be an interesting test. As I have stated in a previous post, I’ve been a student of the tarot for a couple of years, and I am fairly comfortable with using it for divination. The Liber KKK recommends a simple method of divination so it isn’t too complex for Conjuration Seven  – Shamanic Divination. At first I wondered if my knowledge of the tarot would allow me to continue using it through these two steps, but I can see now that it would be a recipe for disaster. While I am confident in my ability to interpret the tarot with surprising accuracy, it’s the speed of my method that concerns me. I like to lay out all the cards in whatever spread suits my needs, and then I look at them as a whole, not just their individual positions. This helps me spot trends and themes that run through a reading, which has been where some of the best information has come from. I’m afraid that if I have a successful  “vision quest “, which is the goal of conjuration seven, that the imagery might come too fast for me to properly interpret, or it may be so subtile that I miss, or forget, it entirely.

So, my new search is to get comfortable with something much more simple, that can give me answers that can be readily interpreted in a matter of moments. I think this should give me a better tool to work with as I advance towards Conjuration Seven. I might just go with the suggestion of the book and use my set of runes. I’m not terribly familiar with them at this point, but with a bit of practice I’m sure I will get in a good rhythm with them. I now understand why the Liber says that people shouldn’t spend less than one year complete the training. As I am being honest with myself in this process, I’m finding out how much more there is to learn. Learning takes time, but it is always a solid investment of time. That’s why I went to college, that’s why I constantly refine my skills at work, and that’s why I try to learn as much about different beliefs as possible.

Conjuration One – Sorcery Evocation

Last night I started my journey with the Liber KKK. The first part of the training is the sorcery area, and I started at the absolute beginning. I created two (as suggested as an alternative) different fetishes; one to implement force of will, and the other to bring me knowledge and information.

As my representation of the force of will, I made a coiled serpent, ready to strike. My information and knowledge fetish is a very simplified owl form. Both of these items were made out of candle wax, which I molded in layers while still in liquid form. Yes, it got incredibly hot, and the process required a few breaks for finger and hand cooling. After I was satisfied with the construction of my fetishes, I anointed them with my blood and placed them in a prominent place in my home, and named them Socrates and Lazarus. When I move into my new home, they will reside in my private office, making conversations with them much less awkward than doing it in front of the rest of the family.

I’m not sure about when to move on to the second conjuration, or if it’s even necessary. I have been a student of the Tarot for many years, and I am quite familiar with how the divination process works with them. I read the warning about it being too difficult to use during the shamanistic portion of the training, but my familiarity with the tarot would make it easier for me to interpret than a set of simple runes would. I like my rune set, but they provide such a simplistic set of answers compared to the Tarot that I find them vague and irrelevant.

I’ll ask Socrates and Lazarus how they think I should proceed.

About this blog.

This blog is about Chaos. Not chaos, but Chaos.

As Wikipedia puts it,  “Chaos magic is a school of the modern magical tradition which emphasizes the pragmatic use of belief systems and the creation of new and unorthodox methods.” The foundations are set forward in Liber Kaos by Peter J. Carrol. It’s worth buying a printed version. It’s a fabulous resource and training manual for anyone interested.

I don’t plan on going into religious debate, apologetics, or deep explanation of the underlying theories of Chaos, I’m just chronicling my own experiences.