The search for divination…

I’m currently preparing myself to follow the second step in the Liber KKK. Conjuration Two  – Sorcery Divination will be an interesting test. As I have stated in a previous post, I’ve been a student of the tarot for a couple of years, and I am fairly comfortable with using it for divination. The Liber KKK recommends a simple method of divination so it isn’t too complex for Conjuration Seven  – Shamanic Divination. At first I wondered if my knowledge of the tarot would allow me to continue using it through these two steps, but I can see now that it would be a recipe for disaster. While I am confident in my ability to interpret the tarot with surprising accuracy, it’s the speed of my method that concerns me. I like to lay out all the cards in whatever spread suits my needs, and then I look at them as a whole, not just their individual positions. This helps me spot trends and themes that run through a reading, which has been where some of the best information has come from. I’m afraid that if I have a successful  “vision quest “, which is the goal of conjuration seven, that the imagery might come too fast for me to properly interpret, or it may be so subtile that I miss, or forget, it entirely.

So, my new search is to get comfortable with something much more simple, that can give me answers that can be readily interpreted in a matter of moments. I think this should give me a better tool to work with as I advance towards Conjuration Seven. I might just go with the suggestion of the book and use my set of runes. I’m not terribly familiar with them at this point, but with a bit of practice I’m sure I will get in a good rhythm with them. I now understand why the Liber says that people shouldn’t spend less than one year complete the training. As I am being honest with myself in this process, I’m finding out how much more there is to learn. Learning takes time, but it is always a solid investment of time. That’s why I went to college, that’s why I constantly refine my skills at work, and that’s why I try to learn as much about different beliefs as possible.

The Theban alphabet…

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with it, it’s just an alternate set of letters for the English language.  It’s not terribly difficult to learn, it just takes a bit of practice and persistence.  The reward you get from learning it is that casual observers will have no clue as to what you’re writing.  This can be great for taking notes about your magic, building a Book of Shadows, or just to unsettle people when they see it.  As of the time of this writing, there is even a bit of it in the site header on this page.

I had a desire to use Theban more in my daily life, so I set about making a font for it that I liked.  The ones that I found commonly available on the net had problems; they were missing letters instead of substituting, they left blanks if you used a capital letter, and other similar things.  So, I made my own font that should be fairly complete, and quite usable for just about everything.  I did have to manufacture a set of symbols for punctuation, numbers, and other such things, but it seems to all flow fairly well.  I don’t have any pro font software, so I just did all the characters by hand in iFontMaker on my iPad.  Feel free to download it and use it all you want.  There is no attribution needed at all, I just hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Another fun idea to help you lean the Theban alphabet is to take a text file of something you know (book, story, article, etc) and convert it to Theban for reading.  I have done this with several different documents, and found it to be a great way to get some good experience using it practically.  I had to turn these documents into a pdf so I could read them on my iPad because ePub and other formats can only use device fonts.  Just to mess with people, I have a Theban KJV Bible on my iPad; I’m not sure why it bothers people so much, that book is in every other language on the planet.

Enjoy the font, enjoy the Theban copy of Genesis, and enjoy shaping reality to your will.

**Update:  The links to the font and the pdf were dead, so it’s now hosted in a new location.  PLEASE leave me a comment if the link is not working, it’s about the only way I’ll know. =D