Time to build my lamp…

As I near completion of the Sorcery portion of the training, I still have a lot left to do.  I have done enough divination work over the past couple of weeks to make my head swim with tarot card images, and I have been fairly good about recording everything into my journal for later review and use.  I’m going to wait a bit before I declare myself finished with Conjuration Two  – Sorcery Divination, only because I’m waiting on some short-term events to unfold to help measure the accuracy that my readings produce.  While I have already made a post about it, I’m still working on enchantments from Conjuration Three, but that will most likely turn into an ongoing practice, rather than something that I restrict to this training.

I’m going to save Conjuration Four  – Sorcery Invocation for last, as I see it as something that I want to put a great deal of thought into before attempting.  I wouldn’t want to try such a spell for arbitrary reasons, and I wouldn’t want to channel a force that I don’t understand very well.  So, that leaves me with working towards Conjuration Five  – Sorcery Illumination.  I have a problem with improperly handling stress, so better skills in identifying when stress is coming on, accepting the outcome after I have done my part, and release after the situation has been resolved will be my primary focus for my Illumination.

Yes, that does sound like a lot to take on, but nobody said change was easy.  Even magic takes work, thought, education, and dedication.  If the time comes that I am ready to move toward the Shamanic portion of the training and I still do not feel complete in this step, I will consider progress a success and move forward.  The nice part about moving forward is I can use the new skills I learn in later conjurations to help my overall process of Illumination.

I haven’t decided what to make as a lamp yet.  I consider it to be a major part of this process, so I feel it needs to be something I make with my own hands.  Just to keep snoops away, I’ll etch/engrave the piece with Theban letters, so nobody will know the intention of the piece but me.  I don’t tend to speak about my beliefs outside the anonymous world of the Internet, the area I live in is terribly backwards in its level of tolerance.  A local fellow received death threats just for selling the Magic CCG at his comic shop.  The wild, wild west still has a bit of the  “Law West of the Pecos “ running around in the shadows.