Conjuration Three – Sorcery Enchantment: Update

No, I didn’t post anything over the weekend, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t busy!  Not only am I preparing to move into my new house, I spent a bit of time frolicking over the weekend.  But, that’s not really you’re here, is it?

I decided to try meditating with the enchantment that I made in my last post, and the results were wonderful.  I lit a couple of candles, sat out my meditation figure, fired up a bit of incense, and kicked on a binaural beat at 6.0 Hz.  I started out with an object focused meditation, and cleared my mind.  After about five minutes of getting my thoughts to still, I closed my eyes and was quickly able to visualize my light, and stepped right out of my body and into the void.

I kept it to a very short session of only about 15 minutes total, but it was refreshing and informative.  I saw the design for the tattoo that I want to get, and for the first time I experienced falling while meditating.  To me, it was a very different sensation than the sensation of falling while dreaming.  The experience felt perfectly real, and so does the memory.  I think that’s one of the things that I was surprised about with meditation, is that the experiences and memories feel no different from real life.

The other goal that I had during this session was to try to verbalize what I was experiencing as it happened.  The first reason I wanted to do this is because I wasn’t sure how time worked while I was meditating.  When we dream, even a really long one happens over the course of only a few seconds, but it turns out that my meditation experiences happen in real-time.  This means I’m not slipping into some sort of REM sleep during my sessions, which is a really good thing.

The second reason I wanted to see if I could talk without interrupting my meditation is for the Shamanic Divination portion of my training.  Since I will be continuing to use the runes as my primary form of divination, this could make the imagery too complex for on-the-fly interpretation during a vision quest.  If I can just verbalize what I see, along with a solid memory of events, it should make interpretation afterwards fairly straightforward.  This could also help me in achieving good results from the vision, as I won’t have as much of a chance of having my mind obsess over things if I know I don’t have to concern myself with interpretation at that time.

In my opinion, my meditation enchantment worked exactly as designed.  I was able to enter a deep state of meditation in about one-third of the time it used to take me, if I could enter the state at all.  And, more importantly, I spoke what I was experiencing, without interrupting my meditation.  Obviously, I’m going to have to do more testing with and without the object present, but I think the initial test was very encouraging.  Now I just need to figure out what else I need to make an enchantment for.

Meditation experience…

I have wanted to get into meditation for a while, but haven’t been able to find the time.  I have also had a hard time with focusing on a physical object for a meditation (like a candle) because I lose whatever I had every time I blink.

I used a binaural beat last night (7.3hz) to help get things going.  Once my mind stilled a bit over it’s usual clatter of activity, I slowly imagined myself seeing things in the living room here at the house.  I could feel the fabric texture on the sofa, and the pile of the carpet.  It was quite exciting, but not the reason I started the meditation.  I allowed my mind to slip into the void, and all I saw was blackness.  As I walked through the blackness, I saw a door in front of me.  It was connected to nothing, it was just there alone.  As I opened the door there was quite a bright light coming through.  As I opened the door towards me, I noticed a hallway going to the left and right of the door, with a single door at the end of each.  In front of me was a wider opening leading into a large atrium.

The atrium was in the shape of a dome as far as I could tell, as there were many large plants and some trees obscuring my vision.  There was also a white bench off to my left that looked like it could be made of a smooth stone, or possible a composite substance.  The atrium swung to the left after it came out even with the wall on the right of the opening for 40 to 50 feet.  It was enclosed in glass that was made of individual panels, held in place by a framework that was beautifully designed.  The lower part of the frame seemed to run parallel with the ground as it went around the perimeter, with triangular panels stretching about 10 feet up from the floor.  While the upper domed area was made of larger panels that all circled around a smaller center circle in deformed rectangles that helped give the obviously manufactured structure a very organic feel.

When I first tried to look through the upper part of the dome all I could see was darkness, but as my eyes adjusted to the light change, I could see stars, and a gas and star clump that looked like some sort of nebula.

I glanced around the atrium one more time as I headed back the way I came.  I approached the door I came in, which was still open, shut it, and went to the hallway on my right.  This hallway would have been on my left when I initially came through the door.  I walked slowly down the hallway, which was lit by an unseen source.  Based on the shadows, the light originated near the ceiling, but was very diffused and even along the corridor.  I could easily touch both walls without my arms fully outstretched as I walked, feeling the smooth surface under my fingertips.  This hallway, like the walls and framework in the atrium, were white, and there was no noticeable seam along the ceiling line.  As I approached the door at the end, I checked the wall/ceiling again just to check for a joint.

The door was a bit surprising to me, as it was made of real wood.  It seemed a bit out of place in an environment as sterile as this.  I could see and feel the rough texture of the door, indicating many years of wear and exposure to the elements.  The knob looked like it was a slightly distressed brass, and it felt rough and worn in my hand when I turned it.

On the other side of the door was a circular room with a flat ceiling.  All around the room there were standing height counters (and no chairs or stools) with lab equipment on them.  I can only assume that it was lab equipment, as it is the only place I have seen test tubes and those racks of conical shaped plastic tubes used.

In the center of the room was a table with a greyish cloth draped over it.  The cloth covered the table completely, so I could not see if the table was a solid piece or if it had legs.  All of the countertops were white, and the walls were a medium grey color, textured, and decorated with a framework, similar in design to that in the atrium.  In the back left corner (abut 135 degrees) was a door.

The door was a different design than anything I had seen so far.  It had three panels, and the entire door was an unusual shape.  It looked like a rectangle that someone had cut a larger corner out of in the top right, and a smaller one in the bottom left.  The panels were separated by a dingy grey metal with rivets every couple inches along it, and around the entire frame. It slid to the left as I approached it, and I stepped through.

The hallway went in both directions from the door.  I turned right for no apparent reason, and was amazed by the dark, dreary look.  The walls were made of the same grey metal as the door, but had a multitude of pipes and conduits attached to it.  It seemed very dirty, and had the appearance of being almost moist.  I had no desire to touch the wall to find out.

I went a little further down the hall and noticed another door, identical to the one that I took from the lab to get there, and I became very uncomfortable with the entire situation.  I hurriedly went back the way I came, repeating the turns I would need to make out loud.  The door to the lab was still open, so I hurried through the lab, down the white hallway, and back the entrance to the atrium.  I took one more look at the atrium and out the dome at the nebula before I went out through the door that led me into this place.

I kept moving after I entered the darkness, and eventually found a light to take with me.  After looking around and not seeing anything else, I decided to return to the living room, once again feeling the cloth texture on the couch.  I looked at myself sitting in the recliner, motionless except for my breathing, and decided to rouse from my meditation.

I’ve never had an experience like that, but I’ve also never use a binaural beat on anything but an object-focused meditation before.  According to the little bit of research I have done, this was most likely astral projection.  I was fully aware of my physical body at all times, and yet the experience was so real that it’s almost hard to separate it from reality.