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I never realized until today that I was sort of hard to get ahold of.  So, here are the (very few) number of ways you can contact me if you have questions/comments or other things that you would not like to have on the blog.

email: darksideofchaos AT gmail DOT com

twitter: darksideofchaos

That’s about it for me.  I think I have a Facebook page that I haven’t checked since I built the silly thing.  My email and twitter are setup on my iPad as push notifications, so I get them within just a few seconds of when you send out a message.

As you can tell by the blog, I’m a rather verbose person.  If it’s a question that requires a lengthy answer, please use my email.  I know that in these kinds of matters we all want to stay anonymous to avoid backlash, which is why I run two Google accounts.  If you send me an email from your real account, I will assume it’s a pseudonym anyway, because that is typically the case, and I don’t know any better.  Just like the comment left on the ‘about’ page, I wouldn’t have known if his name was Chris, but by signing it (not) Chris, it only narrows it down to a bazillion other names minus Chris.


I don’t do them at all.  I have done some tarot readings, but I refuse to cast spells on the behalf of others for compensation   I never know enough about the situation or even any of the motives behind it.

I understand that there are people who would go to any lengths to get what they want, even with good intentions, but magic is not always the answer.  In fact, it’s really a last resort for the majority of situations.

For those of you looking for that kind of service, be entirely wary of the people you trust with your emotions and money.

Thank you to all who have contacted me.  I’ve had some really great conversations over email that I know people would be uncomfortable having in the comments section.

— D.S. (an obvious fake name for good reason)

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