The end is near, a new beginning will arise form the ashes…

The ‘Dark Man’ I have mentioned in so many posts before is going to come to and end.  C and I have the potential of moving to a far away place that’s filled with an entirely different environment spiritually, economically, and culturally.  It will be a great environment for us to thrive in, but w have to unload the baggage we are still carrying in our current lives before we can fully make the transition.  We have enough equity in our house to completely pay off our student loans; that gives us a financial clean slate.  We don’t like the culture we currently live is and the one we are heading towards is one that we will fit well into.  As far as spiritual baggage, there is work to be done.

There is still one person that had a connection made with C during a vulnerable time that she had, and he will need to have that link severed so he can go away.  He is able to pull great energy from her from a distance, and it needs to be finally dealt with.  The other thing that needs to happen is we need to end this ‘Dark Man’ nonsense once and for all.  C thinks she identified the physical item that has been letting him keep the link with her, and that will be my greatest tool in the work I need to perform.

In my last post I displayed a show of power that I have never reached before, but it took its toll on me mentally and physically.  Handling that much energy is dangerous, and it can damage the body and mind in horrible ways.  So, for this work I will need a focus.  Not only to handle the energy involved, but to purify it and act as a ‘one way valve’ against any taint that could be sent through when I perform the necessary work.  I need to consult with an entity that has been guiding me with a bit of tough love, but it’s an encouraging thing so see her again.  I finally figured out what she challenged me with, and will be able to show up with the proper knowledge and skills in hand.

Hopefully she will lend some guidance as to the path I need to follow on this one.  I don’t think severing the ties with the ‘Dark Man’ will be enough.  He has proven to be too persistent over the years, so I’m left with only a few options as I see it.  I need to destroy him or bind him.  I’m a fan of binding.  The thought of destroying an entity disturbs me.  In the beginning it didn’t, but I have learned to appreciate the value of many non-corporeal beings over the last few years, many of which were simply misunderstood, and destroying them and sending them into the vortex (did I ever explain that on here?) robs others of encountering them.  It seems like a final decision that I’m not qualified to make on my own.

The other option of binding is the best that I see.  The concept is simple, really.  Find the entity and seal it inside of something.  Done.  How does one find the being?  If the item that C identified really is the link, I can follow the link right to him.  I will  be on his turf, but more horrible things have happened in the astral.  Once there I pull him into the physical and bind him within an object.  Think of a genie in a bottle, but no good way to get him out of there unless you know how he was sealed.  The item would then become one of our most prized possessions, for as long it remained intact, the binding would remain.

I know that S reads this blog, so I’ll send him a little heads-up.  I plan on sending you the same binding object that I will use for this ritual.  You are one of the few that I know that I can trust with my methods, so I want you to have the necessary tools in case you ever need them in your life.  You mean to much to C to not have me provide at least that much.

For this ritual I will need to build my focus, acquire another binding object (I have an unused one but I’ll be damned if I can find it), then design the series of rituals I will need to perform this.  There will have to be link severing, repair to vulnerabilities in C, and finally the actual summoning and binding itself.  The term ‘summoning’ is a bit terrifying, but I need to get up close and personal with this entity to be successful with a binding instead of a destruction.

I know there are some who will read this and say, “What about a banishing?”  Banishing only goes so far.  It gets rid of nonsense than happens near you.  Events that can be manipulated from afar require something more drastic.  It’s something I’ve researched for over three years now, and hoped I would never have to use it.  I have a lot of preparation work to do, but I will tell the story on here, for better or worse, when all is completed.

I hope nobody I know ever needs this kind of work done on their behalf.  It’s draining, but there is no way around it sometimes.  A problem that has gone this long will have to be resolved if C and I are going to be able to truly start a fresh life together.


4 responses to “The end is near, a new beginning will arise form the ashes…

    • I was just thinking a couple months ago that I never did a final post on here. Everything went well. I kept waiting for anything to happen again and there has been nothing. Without all the craziness with the supernatural we just sort of moved on and left all of it behind us. It blows my mind that people still read this blog, but I’m glad that it’s interesting to someone. Perhaps it’s about time to write that final entry.

      • It definitely is!
        This is one of the best blogs I’ve read. Although I haven’t read many of your posts I would like there to be a lot more (its ok if you dont want to do much more). Its like you get in the middle of the best book/movie ever and it just ends.
        Keep up the good work!

      • Years later, there’s still occultists skulking around the net, reading these entries. You may have left the supernatural part of your life behind, but your blog is still a well written and informative resource.

        I’m one of those lucky ones that was both “sensitive” from a young age and latched onto by an entity, ’cause apparently I’m lucky like that. A quick banishment certainly doesn’t solve everything lol. I like to read about other people’s experiences, and how they’ve dealt with similar things.

        I’m glad you guys got your happy ending. My binding didn’t go quite so well due to inexperience and misdirection, but perhaps I’ll try it again some time.

        If you ever make that final post, I’d love to read it!

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