Big, scary creatures…

It’s been an event-filled couple of months since I last posted.  My New Year’s resolution wasn’t to update this blog every day, which is a good thing because I’d have failed before it even started.  I’m doing a year-long art project that has been sucking up all of my time, but I have really enjoyed doing it.  Needless to say, other things have been getting missed…like updates to this blog.

No apologies, there have just been limited hours in the day and this isn’t at the top of my priority list.  I have said a few times since my last post, “Oh!  I have to put that on the blog!”  So, this isn’t out of my mind in any way, just out of reach for the most part.

What are these things I’ve been wanting to blog you might ask?  I might tell you that there are some pretty interesting nuggets of information and experiences that have been happening.  The first is a continuation of the story from my last post.

We have been fairly successful at keeping this dark entity out of our house, but not out of our lives.  It has to ‘pull strings’ from a distance, rather than getting to waltz into our place and directly manipulate the situation.  About a month ago, he decided to try a new tactic and send in a friend.  I’m not usually sensitive to an entity being present.  Unless it’s being overly obnoxious, is very strong, or wants to make itself known, I have to consciously make an effort through different means to know of a presence.  I’m getting slowly more sensitive over the years, but I’m still very, very weak with it.

My daughter and I were cleaning up the holiday decorations and all of a sudden it hit me.  I had ‘the itches’.  ‘The itches’ are a strange phenomenon that I have only ever gotten in two different ways.  The first was when I would push through the mental/physical wall that would appear when running 3+ miles when I was younger.  Other than running, the only thing that has ever caused them is when I expend energy quickly in my magic.  Taking ornaments off of a tree is not physically demanding, and there was nothing magical about lifting up little ornaments and putting them in a box.  I was just having a light conversation with my daughter and the itches hit me like a train.

When I would run they would come on slowly, and usually if magic is involved they come quickly, but they do take a minute or two to fully manifest.  Not this time.  It felt like someone had shoved a needle into every pore on my back simultaneously.  It actually made me call out a little bit between the pain and the surprise of it.  The stabbing went away quickly (as it usually does) and turned into intense, almost painful itching.  It was the most severe cases I have had of them too, and it’s the first time I have had them without a known cause.  I knew I wasn’t running in my living room (I haven’t run in years), and I sure as hell didn’t fire some sort of ‘clean my house’ spell.  If that worked I would have done it years ago.  Not wanting to startle my daughter or anyone else, I just went about my business and started sleuthing about after her bed time.

To make a long story short (It’s a new thing I’m trying. lol), between my wife’s abilities and some quality reading from the cards, it turns out our entity buddy sent a ‘friend’ to “observe and assess” what was going on with us.  I used quotes because those were the words that things narrowed down to during our evening of investigation.  The entity wasn’t hostile like our little family friend is, which is a good thing.  Why?  Because he was a BIG boy.  He had a fairly neutral energy, which is good because there was a LOT of it.  More than anything C had encountered before, and bigger than anything I had experienced outside of the astral.  It turns out that my big, powerful ‘itches’ was just him taking a bit of energy, and I was handy.  It was nothing personal, it was just a little energy feed.  You know, so little that I think it was the single largest expenditure of energy I’ve ever had.  That’s why I’m glad that thing wasn’t hostile.

As the cards said, he didn’t stay long (about four days total) and then he went wherever incredibly powerful, neutral entities go in their spare time.  We have no solid way of knowing what became of his little visit and the information/assessment, or what our dark entity pal is doing with that information, but the cards regularly indicate that things are in the works.  Some of them we catch, some of them we don’t until after they happen.  Those are the ones that take the work to clean up.

On a more positive note, I have been working on healing a lot more lately and the results are encouraging.  A lot of it stems from our little experiment last Summer where we did the emotional transfer between C and me.  We have since found out that this is called an ‘aura merge’; not my favorite name, but better than ‘that thing we did at M’s funeral’.  This opened up a whole new realm of possibilities with energy manipulation and healing that we hadn’t had access to before.

It may sound simple, but it’s a pretty big deal for me.  I’m one of those people who has to be convinced in his mind through trial and error that something can work, and ‘healing’ in general has produced poor results for me in the past.  This new concept seems to be working and takes minimal energy from me.  It’s more of a ‘realignment’ of the energy people already have, rather than trying to force the energy where it should be.

Anyway, there are lots of little nuances to those more major things that have gone on, but I’ve given a fairly good overview here.  I hope everyone who got hit by those monster storms has been able to stay away from harm.  We’re having a warm winter here, which may seem awesome, but we’re getting such little water that agricultural production could be reduced by a significant amount over previous years.  That’s bad for our local economy, so we’ll hope for a good slamming of snow in the mountains like we got over the weekend.