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One of the recurring themes in this blog is that there is a dark entity that enjoys my wife and can be quite bothersome.  I’ve mentioned him before, and even gave some vague information as to some of his doings.  He’s one of the reasons I became a practitioner of the occult rather than just confining myself to the study of it.  I still enjoy my studies, but in a conversation with C the other day I noticed something odd.

I have spent countless hours reading blogs, I currently have 32 different books in my occult/spiritual library and have read every one of them, and I participate in a couple different online communities (those are a bit spotty).  The one thing that I have noticed after all this time is there is very little mention anywhere about the ‘darker’ side of all of this.  Sure, there are some old grimoires you can get your hands on that will tell you to boil a live cat, but that’s not what I’m talking about.  What I mean is that very few people talk about the big problems.  If they mention anything negative (especially in the newer books) they usually gloss over it and tell you to do a banishing ritual or make your chakras glow.  Then they get back to the business of telling you how wonderful everything can be with magic, spirituality or other flavors of woo.

Now, I agree that keeping a positive spin on things is good.  Also, posting information about how to do rotten things to people can be a bit dangerous to everyone involved.  I have just noticed that there is a serious lack of caution about what really is lurking on the other side.  Yes, there are kind and benevolent entities and energies out there, and those are definitely a good thing to focus on.  Those kinds of energies tend to keep the rotten ones away because you’re surrounding yourself with something very positive,.  The little annoying dark entities tend to avoid that like the plague as there are too many easier targets out there.

What they don’t talk about enough, in my opinion, is that ‘dark side’.  I know that ‘downer’ books don’t sell, so I know why they don’t put much (if any) reference in them, but there are people who come to the occult looking for answers to problems they already have.  There are also those that start to play in the darker side of things and don’t know what to expect.  So, I guess my blog is one of those exceptions to the rules.

The last thing I want to do is sound like an angst-filled rebellious teenager that wants to piss off a set of staunchly religious parents.  I listen to myself in conversations with C and others and sometimes I have to stop and think about how entirely ridiculous it all sounds.  This blog is probably considered to be one of the biggest piles of delusional, wooist nonsense that exists on the internet.  Then I think about everything that has gone on with C and me over the years, and it brings me sharply back into focus.  We have done our experiments, C and I have blind-tested each other with shocking results, and we have admitted when things have worked and when they haven’t.  None of this would I provide as ‘evidence’ that anyone else should even believe in the things that I do as experiences don’t tend to count in that type of thing.  But to have lived all of this myself, having approached it with an objective mind, and being the biggest skeptic of my own experiences, I am still led to conclusions that I would deem ‘madness’ had I not experienced them all myself.

All of that being said, people interested in the occult, or even spirituality in general need to understand clearly that there is a second side to every coin.  There are unpleasant, malevolent forces out there in there ether.  There are lots of different names people give them based on personal beliefs or the way the entity behaves.  There are also energies that are ‘dark’ in their nature.  Yes, most practitioners steer clear of them, and for good reason.  Just as positive forces can bring about positive results and entities, negative energies can bring about the opposite.  Practice wisely.

This still leaves us with the problem of the few that encounter these darker forces without having brought it upon themselves.  There are entities who look for positive people and do bad things, there are some that attach to people with natural gifts and feed off of them, and some people just get unlucky and bump into the wrong thing at the wrong time.  With a lack of information out there, one is left to a long road of experimentation to handle these kinds of situations.  I’ve heard plenty of the ‘command it to leave’ and ‘just surround yourself with positive energy’ advice, and it works well on little nuisances, but the big ones are far beyond that.  A blanket of happy thoughts is not enough to keep people safe from them, nor is a simple act of banishment.

I feel really bad for people that are in this situation because that’s where I started.  In my time of heavy practice we have managed to stop the physical interactions (for the most part), and he has moved on to manipulating things from a distance.  To the ‘help there’s something in my house’ perspective, most people would see him as ‘gone’ since he doesn’t do things in our presence anymore, but he’s still there.  It has only changed the way he interacts.  he has been ‘driven out of the house’ for the most part, but he’s still there in the wings; pulling strings and manipulating people.  So, yes, we have made progress, but everything is far from solved.

How would someone that is not heavily involved in the occult handle such a problem?  For me the answer was to embrace the occult so I could fight fire with fire, but I know that can’t be the answer for everyone.  At some point I will find a way to finish our business with him, but it could still be years before things are fully resolved.  Things may never be fully resolved.  So how would the average person handle it?  The answer is, they couldn’t.  They would need outside help.  If they found the wrong help it could anger an entity and make things worse (read a couple interesting stories about that), which is obviously not a good situation.  If they have someone help them and they only push it back beyond arm’s reach, then they would think things are resolved, even though the entity would still be present.  I see that as a dangerous.  Our situation is probably worse now than it was when he would physically interact with C simply because he’s had to get more creative, more complex, and more subversive.  This means that the things that he does have a bigger punch to them and they’re harder to see coming.

Even with help from someone that could fully resolve the situation, it could take months or years to help someone with a large entity problem.  That’s a ton of time and effort to give to someone who will most likely not see the results after a point.  After a while it would seem like you were just stringing them along if they didn’t have any way to sense the entity themselves.  I guess C and I are lucky in that regard.

I guess the whole point of this is to warn people who think magic can be all wine and roses that there really is an ugly side of things.  It doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily have problems with it, but it’s out there and it does happen to good people who have done nothing to invite it.  There is a serious lack of information out there about what to with something that’s a big problem, and I’m not much help there yet either.  I have the structure for many things, but figuring out how to actually implement some portions of the magic involved is a very difficult and long process.

This wasn’t intended as a dire warning of impending doom to anyone that encounters the spiritual.  As a physical-world analogy, think of it like this:  No matter how safe of a driver you are, no matter how cautious, the other drivers on the road can still cause you problems.  Even if you choose to not drive to be ‘safe’, things happen to pedestrians, bicyclists, and sometimes people drive a car through the front of a convenience store.  It’s just a part of the reality of being alive and having cars on the road.  Most of us will never encounter anymore than just a little fender-bender, or some jerk cutting us off, but there are times when the video that gets posted on YouTube makes us wonder how reality can get so strange.

Just keep your eyes open, and if something does go wrong, do your homework and try to understand it.

Be well,


6 responses to “A blog by any other name…

    • This thing has been around my wife for a long, long time. It first showed up when she was around 11. She spent a lot of time with her sister (7 years older) and her boyfriend, who was a theistic Satanist. She had always been able to sense (nd sometimes see/hear) spirits, but staying at their place was the first time she ever had a physical encounter. I don’t know if it saw her as a threat, but her first encounter with it was waking up to a set of bloody scratches down her back while sleeping on their couch.

      Since then it has stayed around her. It has taken a small hiatus a couple of times, but other than those few small breaks, he’s been a constant for the last 18 years of her life. At first it was very physical and aggressive, but then slowly turned into more of a stalking. He would show up in random places, wake her up and scare the snot out of her, give her messages. When I first got involved it sent him on a rampage. Incidents of appearance, poltergeist-like activity increased, and personal interaction with her increased.

      I’m not very sensitive at all to entities and such, but his presence was strong enough that even I could tell when he was around. I remember the first time I encountered his energy. It was terrifying not because it was something new, but because the malevolence was almost palpable. I’ve had a couple encounters with other things (they are few and far between for me) and nothing I’ve experienced has ever come close to his presence.

      He has invaded my meditation and astral experiences, and has now physically attacked family members. It seems that over the years it evolved form some sort of adversarial relationship with her to one of obsession. It was actually my tarot cards that let me know about this transition as it happened over time.

      Since he is reluctant to come into the house now because of certain things that I have done, he tends to interact with people around her both physically and in other ways. The other ways are hard to explain. He has used a large personal loss as an opportunity to create unnatural links to her from people that are in his best interest and easily controllable. She was the first to identify that they were not natural links, and it handling them fairly well while we figure out how to sever them.

      It’s the most insane sounding, complicated thing I have ever run into. I’ll check out that community and see if anyone else has had something this bizarre going on. Help is always appreciated. =D

      I know what needs to be done for a lot of it, I just need to learn the mechanics of it. I’m afraid there’s no handbook when things get this strange.

  1. Mighty strange, some might say voodoo. Her sister is to be congratulated on stirring up something vile together with that boyfriend. This phenomenon may be operating from a habitation or anchorage in a living person, a malice operating disembodied to which your wife is highly sensitive. It’s an equivalent of your recent ‘dog’ . You made an anger dog, in wishing to protect. Someone’s made this thing, motives unclear, effects very clear. Even a show of care can go awry when it comes to energy work, hence you didn’t care for that dog, whose mission was to protect. A stranger recently told my husband she was going to send me reiki to heal RA. She had seen me online, knew who I was. Next day I woke up feeling very unwell. I suspect the reiki reached me all right, and she doubtless believed she was sending healing in all kindness, but something besides had found its way into the mix. Rune-wise, Eolh, ‘The Elk’ rune is a master-protector, an all round personal protector.

    • That’s something that we’ve hypothesised on before. B (her sister’s ex-boyfriend) and she were best friends. They did everything together. We’ve wondered if it wasn’t something that carries that same care for her that he had but in a twisted way. Thanks for the tips on the runes. I bought Tyriel’s book and will give it a read. He seems pretty accessible through those forums so I’ll make sure I hop on there with any questions that come up.

      I’m so glad you read my blog. =D

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