Finally getting my legs back under me.

Well, after a serious medical scare with C, things seem to finally be getting back to normal.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately on how the mind can affect the physical well-being of the body, and I’ve been doing one of my favorites and reading more about Buddhism.  The concepts of Buddhism always give me a lot to ponder and tend to help me understand the nature of people much better.  Perhaps this is the wrong place to write on such a topic, but I just thought I would hand out credit where credit is due in my own development.

Albeit small, I’m finally getting another place dedicated to my meditation.  It’s a bit small for some of the magical work I like to do, but having a little secluded hideaway for meditation and reflection is something that I have been missing since the loss of my private study.  With the shuffling of the function within the house now that we have a room freed up it will also open up one room dedicated to yoga and other exercises.  We’ve always bitched about our house being too big (4 bedroom, 3 bath), but I think we’re finally finding a use for the additional space.  I know….first world problem.

Having dedicated, private space in the past has really helped me to make great strides in my development on a spiritual level because it’s simply convenient.  If I can hop in and meditate without a bunch of furniture/stuff shuffling I’m far more likely to do it.

We still have the issue of the entity lurking about, but compared to issues of physical health he is nothing at this point.  He may be an influencing factor, but a good western doctor that also believes in complementary treatment through eastern medicine is a total-body combination that seems to have worked well for us over the past couple years.  Now that the physical is on the mend with C, we can focus on the mind/body for sustained healing and long-term wellness.  Part of that may be finally dealing with this entity, but that’s ok.  At least she’ll have the physical and mental wellness available to help her through the process.

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