An absence of posts is not an absence of activity…

It’s been awhile since my last post, but a lot has gone on since then.  There are just some things that are a little too strange for words.  Yes, even for me.

Something big happened.  I mean really big.  So big that it’s made me take an honest look at myself to see if I need to be back on medications.  If you wrote the story of this whole thing and sent it to a publisher they would laugh if you wanted to put it in the non-fiction section, even though the story would be the real deal.

Without going into too many details (you wouldn’t believe me anyway) I will say this:  I have learned over the past few weeks that if you have a powerful, negative entity that is determined to manipulate someone, they can do more than you ever imagined to get that done.  This isn’t about throwing plates around your house or giving you the chills every time you walk past a bookshelf or something, this is far bigger than that.  This story involves a being that has been in pursuit of someone over multiple lives and has manipulated people and events over the course of decades to orchestrate a single event.  An event so bizarre that I’m not even sure it would make a good novel.

Luckily, thanks to some information from the ether, the event was narrowly avoided.  Now the entity is pissed.  Really, really pissed.  We’re not sure what it’s next move is, but if it’s anything like the last one we’ll never see it coming until it’s right in our face…perhaps not until after it’s hit us.  Part of the problem in the middle of all this is C’s spirit guide (whom she has never met) was unknowingly used as a tool in this and we’re not sure if he’s ok.  Also, I was informed by my guide that I’ve outgrown her and need to find a more powerful one.  That leaves us with two people caught in the thick of this nonsense that need to find new allies and we can’t even trust a new ally if we find one.  Why?  We’ve dealt with bad advice before and there is no reason that we couldn’t end up playing right into this other entity’s hands if we aren’t insanely careful.

I know I’m being incredibly vague, but I have to right now.  If I think about this stuff too much there is a part of my brain that just RAILS against it.  I have always been a skeptic and this situation is just too much for me at times.  I know that the pieces have all fallen together, and there are things that have happened that I can’t deny, but that logical, skeptical part of my brain is still trying really hard to convince me that I’m a nut.  Why?  it would honestly be easier to accept that I’m crazy than it would be to accept all the events that have gone on.  I wonder at this point in my life if I would consider taking a pill that would make it all go away and turn me back into a mundane, oblivious little peon that just coasts through life without having to worry about this nonsense.

I’ve done enough work trying to find answers over the last few weeks that it has been draining.  I think the one night I did over a dozen readings on a series of questions, I’ve meditated/traveled to consult with my guide, and I’ve even read a couple new books in the interim.  It’s such a big deal that there is no choice for it to do anything but consume my life at this point.  C and I keep it under wraps until after little N goes to bed, but it has dominated every conversation after that, and text/messaging during the day for weeks now.  The truly scary part is that we know it’s not total BS at this point as we’re starting to get medical evidence of some of the answers we got from our work over the last few weeks.

It’s entirely terrifying just because C and I have been into this stuff (different parts, same concept) for a while now and have bumped into some pretty ugly entities.  But this thing is unreal…it’s not even in the same class as what we have dealt with in the past.  It’s not leeching energy or causing little mischievous problems, it’s manipulating the lives of multiple people to change the future paths of incarnations of itself and others.  This thing is a big, big deal and can cause changes in the way events happen on a large scale.  I’d rather deal with a dish-rattler.

I don’t know what else to say about it right now.  Perhaps I’ll share the full story when we’re not still in the trenches fighting this.  I’ll be gone for about five days at a conference, so it will be nice to get away from everything for a little bit.  It may sound selfish to be glad to walk away for a couple days, but I need it right now.  This thing is bound to C so it won’t be coming with me.  If it does, I hope it doesn’t mind seeing me in a swimsuit at the hotel.


6 responses to “An absence of posts is not an absence of activity…

  1. I did smile wryly at the last line. Sounds like a hitchhiker. They can stay with the family over generations. Nearly all without exception were originally created by someone, as an accident. Ie, they were working on a protection spell and they ended up instead of just creating the spell to protect immediate – that life time’s people, but all sequence generations people. Often they cause madness over the next few generations, as they usually lack the ability to speak at their origin. They communicate usually in images, rather than through much telepathy. This can change over time. They do have limited capacity for emotion. So, over the centuries, they can end up quite bitter. They absorb energy. Some therefore develop a taste for the energy of mental illness and negativity. They have no specific purpose and over the centuries become self-aware. They are naturally drawn to who ever is the strongest witch/mage/healer or most mentally ill. They have been known, to transfer to second cousins. They will move on, if the person they are attached most to’s physical health fails to the point, they are terminally ill. They can be manipulative. Generally, its not in it’s interest to kill you, unless it has someone else lined up. It will frighten the shit out of any guides and you will know from reaction of so called white witches, if it is one. They freak. They can’t tell what it is, but essentially it overrides your own ‘aura’. Most don’t know what it is.

  2. Best of luck to you mind. You can’t pacify it. You can’t scare it. It will learn very quickly how to play you. You can’t put it in the lamp. Essentially all you can do is, leash it and take it out with you at the end of this life. Over time, redirecting its energy into other things. You take it apart. It’s not fun. Your a chaos magician no? Bring it to heel essentially. Fear of something evil, does not help. You need to treat it as you would an army needing to be brought to heel. Never fully trust it. Keep it occupied. A bored hitchhiker, is a nightmare. Bored, they get creative. It is driven to mess with people’s lives. It is capable of ‘good acts’ if you can explain how it benefits you as a magician etc. Good luck. You need a dog whistle and a lead and visual cards. To bring it to heel. Try not to die doing it babe. I look forward to how well you succeed.

    • It’s definitely a powerful thing. C has had a problem with this thing for years. My first instinct was to bottle it up (so to speak) but I wondered if that would piss it off and create more problems when I let it out to play. I thought about disassembling it (there are ways), but like bottling it up there can be ramifications. The last thing I need is something powerful that feels Ike it’s under attack and trapped in a corner. Nothing seems to react well to that. I would like to have such a show of force and dominance that it tucks its tail and runs off, but I’m not sure if that’s even possible. I’ve tried a few things tonight since I’m a couple thousand miles from home with interesting result. Hmm…new post time!

  3. Depends if you want it to go boom. like a dog, you don’t beat it to get it to obey you, that just gives you an angry dog waiting to kill you. You don’t do it by bribery either. Think about it like having your own angry tiger cub. Your house is still standing, so its a ‘teenager’ probably under the 300 mark, if its over 1000 you have a pretty good chance of if it takes a shine cooperating. If its over 1200 its out of my field. I am not sure what you would do to ‘stop it’ or redirect it. Oh and it will never run away – it will just regroup and one by one drive any guides out. On plus side it scares off any other entities under a aged polyt. By the way – it can create optical illusions and exert force on objects make them vanish. They are usually an interesting challenge to work with. Taking one out, will take everything you have got babe and your sanity with it. Also the price, which is often losing the person its attached to the most is a hard one. Ones under 200 are much easier – you will just be tired and depressed for a while. They are probably in the more interesting category. Because even if you are dosed to kingdom come on meds, they are one of the few that can still register and effect. Maybe it likes you? Try talking at it. Seriously, sounds very silly but they like a reaction, if you talk to it like a dog – like silly people talk to dogs they get quite upset. You will either get dead silence for a few days or annoyance. By the way – you may not be able to work out its charade game, but it can sense your emotions like a highly clever dog. It can also read. It may understand three or four languages. If your wife speaks English – and its been with her a while, it will understand English, although it may be its second or third language or fifth variation of English. See if it can speak. Just talk to it. Fear doesn’t help. Talk to it like it is regular person. Like a wild animal your trying to gain trust of. You won’t but that’s how you should approach it. If your wife is highly strung or depressed, you would be wise to get her to meditate more and get her to do the whole cbt red stop sign green type course. Clear the house? I am guessing its a house air, twice a week with bell and ritual to make sure its alone. A guide afraid of it, is worse than no guide. While you can’t get rid of it, what you can do, is reduce the negativity and tiredness of the house. If your not a nice person, you could suggest it went to annoy your neighbors. They like to do things like that. They are very interesting, but I have no wish to add to my near death experiences again with one. So I will be interesting to see what it takes. I have seen one destroy the witch over the years, because she had a tendency to over hex – hate every body. She thought she was uber powerful because the hiker, helped. She stopped feeling any empathy for anyone else, by last time I saw her. Her hiker abannoned her and their was another one, waiting to breech. She got arrogant. She stopped feeling any emotion. She stopped caring, if the consequences of her spells was someones death. That was her not the hiker. Hiker just made it worse. For 20 years she tried to destroy it, I just spoke to it, first time we met. She’d never tried. It makes worse, your worse emotions. So if you have a tendency to fall in love a lot before, it will heightened. It is like a magnifying glass on your weaknesses, more than negativeness. Any way, I will stop rabbiting on and wait till you get home to find out what happens.

    • I guess I really would rather *not* make things go boom. That’s sort of a paradigm shift from when I first started out with this process, but I have a lot more respect for entities than I used to. Just like people, I think most of them can serve a purpose, and just because I don’t personally like them doesn’t mean they are ‘bad’, they are just not something I like. I’ve encountered a couple over the years that have been annoying and were simply misunderstood because they were bad communicators. Making something ‘go boom’ is so drastic that, like with people, I would see it as a last resort.

      Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t be firm with this thing. It needs to go the hell away one way or another, I’m just hoping that a solid scolding or a grotesque display of showmanship (still working on that part) will make it want to find an easier target. if not, i guess other measures will have to be considered at that point.

      C has a good heart and acts with kindness and love in everything she does, the problem is she has some emotional ‘demons’ that she’s wrestling with right now, so she’s in a weakened state. There’s nothing a wolf likes better than a wounded rabbit, right?

      I think that’s going to be the hardest part of the whole thing with this entity. I have to get her to a point where she can resist this thing on her own. I can’t *make* her do it, and I can’t do it for her, and her willingness to learn and practice in these fields is limited. She likes that I do it, she wants to learn to do her own thing, but the motivation seems to be a bit lacking. She has come along a bit over the years, but it’s a slow process with her. She seems to struggle with the things that I do the same way I struggle with the things that she does. We each have our talents I guess.

      Thanks for all the advice and kind words. I’ll keep you posted on how things evolve!

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