Things are a bit different in Texas…

I’m a couple thousand miles away from home, so what better time to try. Some new tricks with entities I’ll never encounter again.
The first thing that I will say is that San Antonio Texas has a lot different activity in its downtown than I’m used to. Our area has lots of wanderers. Just random entities cruising around with different emotions. Some are lost, angry, or even just stuck in their home town for no apparent reason.
The other trick to doing any kind of work at home is my wife, C, is usually at home. She seems to light up like a beacon in the night so I fall into the background noise and am, not noticed as much.
Fire off some solid astral juice in San Antonio and things seem to take notice. I did a standard meditation and decided to do some astral travel but on a local basis. I spent a lot of time looking at myself in the physical and astral trying to confirm/deny some information had read lately and wasn’t having much luck.
I’m my brilliance I decided to travel to a nearby location and fire off a big burst of energy just to see what would happen. Well…shit happened. In the astral I got kicked by a surge of power and over me the sky looked like there was a funnel cloud coming down. I shot back to my room because I had no idea what was going on, but the spiritual energy was palpable.
The next thing I know I was having physical contact in my hotel room. They were just dark wispy hands, but I could feel them touching me. It was a good opportunity to try a technique I’ve been working to combat such things, and it was met with some, yet limited, success. It wasn’t anything too freaky, just a rare (for me) encounter on a physical level.
I didn’t try and communicating with it, I wanted to see if I could force it to go away. The one entity it worked on, the other seemed to pay me no mind. The one that I got rid of had ahold of my arm while the other kept messing with my face for some reason. I could feel the sensation in the physical and see the wispy tendrils in the astral. I MIGHT give things another go over the next couple nights to see if I can refine techniques with things that won’t have any kind of a chance of following me home. These two seemed to want something. It felt Ike they just wanted some energy, but there is no way to be sure at this point.
Apparently I can light up like a beacon when I don’t have my wife around to look more inviting than I do. I also tried to light up Ike a beacon which seemed to work.
Magic is all baby steps. It will be interesting to see what I stumbled on tonight and how I can use that in the future.


An absence of posts is not an absence of activity…

It’s been awhile since my last post, but a lot has gone on since then.  There are just some things that are a little too strange for words.  Yes, even for me.

Something big happened.  I mean really big.  So big that it’s made me take an honest look at myself to see if I need to be back on medications.  If you wrote the story of this whole thing and sent it to a publisher they would laugh if you wanted to put it in the non-fiction section, even though the story would be the real deal.

Without going into too many details (you wouldn’t believe me anyway) I will say this:  I have learned over the past few weeks that if you have a powerful, negative entity that is determined to manipulate someone, they can do more than you ever imagined to get that done.  This isn’t about throwing plates around your house or giving you the chills every time you walk past a bookshelf or something, this is far bigger than that.  This story involves a being that has been in pursuit of someone over multiple lives and has manipulated people and events over the course of decades to orchestrate a single event.  An event so bizarre that I’m not even sure it would make a good novel.

Luckily, thanks to some information from the ether, the event was narrowly avoided.  Now the entity is pissed.  Really, really pissed.  We’re not sure what it’s next move is, but if it’s anything like the last one we’ll never see it coming until it’s right in our face…perhaps not until after it’s hit us.  Part of the problem in the middle of all this is C’s spirit guide (whom she has never met) was unknowingly used as a tool in this and we’re not sure if he’s ok.  Also, I was informed by my guide that I’ve outgrown her and need to find a more powerful one.  That leaves us with two people caught in the thick of this nonsense that need to find new allies and we can’t even trust a new ally if we find one.  Why?  We’ve dealt with bad advice before and there is no reason that we couldn’t end up playing right into this other entity’s hands if we aren’t insanely careful.

I know I’m being incredibly vague, but I have to right now.  If I think about this stuff too much there is a part of my brain that just RAILS against it.  I have always been a skeptic and this situation is just too much for me at times.  I know that the pieces have all fallen together, and there are things that have happened that I can’t deny, but that logical, skeptical part of my brain is still trying really hard to convince me that I’m a nut.  Why?  it would honestly be easier to accept that I’m crazy than it would be to accept all the events that have gone on.  I wonder at this point in my life if I would consider taking a pill that would make it all go away and turn me back into a mundane, oblivious little peon that just coasts through life without having to worry about this nonsense.

I’ve done enough work trying to find answers over the last few weeks that it has been draining.  I think the one night I did over a dozen readings on a series of questions, I’ve meditated/traveled to consult with my guide, and I’ve even read a couple new books in the interim.  It’s such a big deal that there is no choice for it to do anything but consume my life at this point.  C and I keep it under wraps until after little N goes to bed, but it has dominated every conversation after that, and text/messaging during the day for weeks now.  The truly scary part is that we know it’s not total BS at this point as we’re starting to get medical evidence of some of the answers we got from our work over the last few weeks.

It’s entirely terrifying just because C and I have been into this stuff (different parts, same concept) for a while now and have bumped into some pretty ugly entities.  But this thing is unreal…it’s not even in the same class as what we have dealt with in the past.  It’s not leeching energy or causing little mischievous problems, it’s manipulating the lives of multiple people to change the future paths of incarnations of itself and others.  This thing is a big, big deal and can cause changes in the way events happen on a large scale.  I’d rather deal with a dish-rattler.

I don’t know what else to say about it right now.  Perhaps I’ll share the full story when we’re not still in the trenches fighting this.  I’ll be gone for about five days at a conference, so it will be nice to get away from everything for a little bit.  It may sound selfish to be glad to walk away for a couple days, but I need it right now.  This thing is bound to C so it won’t be coming with me.  If it does, I hope it doesn’t mind seeing me in a swimsuit at the hotel.