Eyes in the darkness…

English: Singing Dog eyes glow bright green wh...

English: Singing Dog eyes glow bright green when light is shined on them in darkness. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t believe that it’s been two months since my last post.  Little N had a birthday, vacations have been taken, and living arrangements are being shuffled.  In other words, I’ve been insanely busy and have been neglecting just about every online presence I have.  The good news is, something happened tonight that made me instantly want to post it on here.

Just an hour ago I was standing outside having a smoke and talking with my wife when I saw a pair of eyes looking at me in my peripheral vision.  I’ve misidentified things in my peripheral vision before, so I turned my head and looked right where it was.  Expecting it to not be there, I was absolutely stunned there were in fact two eyes staring directly at me in my neighbor’s driveway.  It was after about only a second that they turned and moved where I couldn’t see them.  It wasn’t one of those ‘they moved away the moment I looked at them’ kind of things, I stood there sand stared directly into them for what could have been an eternity.

The first big ‘wow that was odd’ thing was that they were a deep, deep orange.  Not quite red, but well on their way.  Now, it was twilight where I live, and my neighbor’s drive is covered, so it was really dark over there.  I couldn’t see a body or a lack of a body, so that part will be a mystery.  All I saw were the eyes.  Another big problem is that they were bright.  Not like they were glowing or anything bizarre like that, they were just colorful and clear like they were two feet away in a well-lit room.  The next interesting point is where they were located.  If it was a dog (and they did look like dog eyes) it would have been a massive beast.  Something the size of a Great Dane.

After I saw it, I told me wife and we went over and looked at the driveway.  What I couldn’t see from where I was standing is with where it was, and the direction it left, it would have had to move through a jet ski to move in the direction it left.  It left towards the back of the house, so if it was just a dog, it could have slipped out that way (through the jet ski).  It means it would have also had to tip-toe past two other dogs to do it.  Stranger things have happened, so I’m not discounting that possibility entirely.

The big thing was just meeting whatever it was’s gaze.  I have never seen eyes like that in full light, let alone in low light.  They wen’t that color of normal ‘dog light reflection eyes’ either.  I’ve never seen that color before in the eyes of any living thing.  It almost looked like a bad special effect from a cheap Sci-Fi movie.

I decided to ask the cards about it and it gave me (for once) a simple and clear answer.  It didn’t mean or want to be seen.  It was keeping an eye on me (usually things watch my wife) because it doesn’t trust me for some reason.  If it becomes a problem, I have the tools to take care of it.  I was specifically told to keep my wife out of any resolution should it need to happen.

So, there you have it.  It just seems to be a totally random encounter at this point that should amount to nothing.  I always love good news!

In other happenings: I am going to be more free to do my practice in the house as my father will be moving in a couple weeks.  He’s finally going to get a little retirement place and put his feet up.  This will free up space in the house and not create awkward moments when I get interrupted in the middle of doing something.  I hate that more than anything.  It will also give me a dedicated meditation space!  I think that’s the part that I look forward to the most.


4 responses to “Eyes in the darkness…

  1. I think I may recognise this experience. I have an occasional ‘spook cat.’ Its mission seems to be a wish to deliver physical healing for chronic pain of arthritis. It was a long time before I actually saw it, rather than felt it, and then, I only saw the ears, outlined in neon green, which confirmed it was indeed a cat. It pounced early one evening once while I was lying chatting with my daughter. She felt it walking about on the bed and was startled, to say the least. What might be the mission for your ‘thought form’ ? I recalled the cat, as I need the energy all on the body inside. It still visits, but rarely. Look up Dion Fortune and the ‘wolf’ if you’re not already familiar with it.

    • Wow! You may have hit the nail on the head this that one. “At the time she had been thinking deeply about someone who had upset her, and ‘formulated a werewolf accidentally’.” My wife and daughter just had a terrifying encounter with a man who (unbeknownst to them at that time) is a wanted sex offender that likes to abduct little girls. They both made it out of the encounter fine, credit given entirely to how my wife handled herself, and only later found out who this guy was. Needless to say that hearing the story, or even thinking about it (it happened on Thursday, so it’s still fresh), runs my adrenaline like I’m about to do combat. As I’ve blogged in the past, those heavy emotions have made things happen without me actually planning on it before. I’ll have to do some more homework and see if that may be the case here. Thank you again so much for the lead on this one.

  2. I am glad. Yes, You may have created a protecting guard dog, and maybe it distrusts men in general, given its provenance, though it really ought to make an exception for its creator, at least. It will respond to training, I imagine.

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