Seriously…what was he thinking?

The derivation of the sigil of Hagiel, the pla...

The derivation of the sigil of Hagiel, the planetary intelligence of Venus, drawn on the magic square of Venus. Each Hebrew letter provides a numerical value, giving the vertices of the sigil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s see if I can answer this by just talking it out on my own.  Sometimes doing this kind of thing really helps me gain an understanding of the whole picture.  I’ve had plenty of realizations while writing a post for this blog.

So, why would someone try to manipulate others if there was a good chance they could figure out that it was happening?  There was some information recommended to me by its author a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to go for it, even though what he had already sent me was just not something that turned me on.  All of a sudden, page 4: BAM!  A sigil!  Wtf?  You already know that’s an area of expertise most Chaotes have, even if they don’t tend to do their practice with them.  Hell, many people outside the practice of chaos know plenty about sigils.  Some disciplines even use other styles and methods of using them.  So why then would someone who already knows that this information is part of my training try to slap me with one across the face?  It’s not like it was part of a writing or explanation of something.  It was just sitting there on a page all by itself, waiting to slap whomever happened to come along and flip to page 4.

I don’t know how any of you would feel about this kind of thing, but it really pissed me off.  I considered it to be a shitty form of manipulation and an insult to my intelligence that I wouldn’t know what in the hell it was.  The makeup of it tells me it’s some sort of Magic Square sigil combined with some of the more modern sigil techniques.

Really?  Am I that stupid?

The good news is that through a little bit of internet sleuthing, I know everything about the guy except for the length of his arms.  I guess the question is: What am I going to do about it?  As I try to answer the question I posted above, the only thing I can think of is he’s either SUPER egotistical in his perceptions about his manipulative efficacy, or he’s an idiot that thinks we’re all idiots too.  That’s it.  That’s all I can really come up with.

Do I beat down the wannabe bully, or do I leave the fool to his own parade.  If he was 15 I could kind of justify his actions, but this guy is a grown man.  I think I’m going to try to dismantle his sigil a bit more and see what the gist of his intentions were with it.  If I can get that figured out then I can make my final decision.  If it’s along the lines of “make people read my poorly written manifesto” I’ll let it slide, if it’s a personal attack I’ll have some fun with him.  I have friends all over his area in the UK that would have fun with a little red magic.  You know, the kind that doesn’t actually do anything but scare the shit out of them.  Then they get paranoid.  Hahahahaha.

I love Chaos.

3 responses to “Seriously…what was he thinking?

  1. Perhaps it was less about thinking than subconscious programming?

    Chaos was a snowflake: her structure ordered to fall. Paranoia and sophistry are useful enemies to have as friends. Scary. Can’t say I’ve come across red magic before.

    Magical enquiry should it not be about pursuing knowledge and light alongside fraternity than scaring the shit out of some solipsistic bully {because there’s probably no such thing as either one of them}. Fool for a day, king for a lifetime. The jester is the old timer. Personally, I’m 30. It’s a rather transitional age to be. Growing up gradually. I must’ve been raised in the right direction ’cause I’m still growing up. Plenty of arrested development.

    I made a Sigil, which you can gladly dismantle. I won’t patronise you with an explanation of how a Chaos sigil is made because you’re obviously advanced but it was based on de-voweled English statement of intent and codified by using characters from the Canaanite {proto-Hebrew} alphabet. It was designed to reveal to the initiate – or sigil enthusiast – the nature of manipulation and if that issue can be resolved then one would understand that no one can justifiably take advantage of anybody’s reason. Hence the reason I have a difficult relationship with fiction! I find it hard to suspend my disbelief. Belief as a tool to be discarded at will? It’s not the belief’s we’re interested in; it’s the beliefs about the beliefs themselves that we’re after. “There will be time, there will be time, for decisions and revisions,” to quote the poet T.S. Eliot. A manifesto is only a manifesto if it manifests something {even merely a mere opinion}. Let’s have a celebration! I’m a fan of the moon calendar for this reason, in that it can justify a 13 month year of 360 solar days {or degrees}. And, I’m definitely a fan of the degree structure of initiation.

    Wouldn’t an attack be black? If you can transmute black via red, then wouldn’t it just be a dirty red? Like a sort of moave or burgundy? Mmmm … Brandy. ‘Drink by the eight and ninety rules of art …’ {II:LXX}. I’m currently living out of Manchester in the UK. Would be interested in some contacts, if that’s not too much trouble to ask?

    Ah, the sleuth should always attain to the truth. The truth, the truth and the truth; the half-truth and nothing but the lie.

    The Ego is always a problem. I think the objective is to nullify its attachment to Idiotypes, Stereotypes, and release its attachments to these through the knowledge of the archetypes, which is why Tarot can be effective, or, perhaps, using Tulpas, Servitors, or Eidolons. It be a good project to create a group Eidolon to steal some information from Shell Oil’s underwater internet server. Apparently, it’s guarded by scuba-divers 24/7, so it’s one hell of an Egregore to penetrate {sort-of like the movie Inception, I guess}. Manipulation is a different matter entirely to that of nullifying the Ego. It’s sort-of like pondering your position to either coercion or persuasion. In all honesty, I would hope that any initiate would not suffer fools gladly and would have enough wisdom to read between the lines an entirely different subtext to the one proposed above, but your statement does invite open communication which is definitely a positive. I trust that dispells an illusion?

    The Sigil of Hagiel is a true insight to someone like me who is interested in Hebrew angelology and geomantic numerology. I’ve never used a sigil in this way. Is Hagiel a personal angel or a representation of an universal?

    You would hope that manipulation could be interpreted from a conversation surrounding its interpretation. If someone figured it out? Aha! Phew. We’re not idiots afterall. I suppose we only inculcate ourselves with stupidity if we accept something blindly and neglect to question it. But the collaboration of a new current, new thought, or suggestion of an entirely new magical system is something that should be curious only to the individual’s preference.

    The intention: to capitalise on knowledge and expertise already understood to use as the framework for an individual enquiry that leads to a pact of collectivity. One can live hopefully.

    If you took a slap to the face would you turn the other cheek or smite the offender tenfold? What if it was a Koan? The sound of one hand clapping; no slapping?

    It’s a toughie: practising magic, ethically. If you could answer that question, with mastery and subtlety, I’d be be enriched sincerely.

    Perhaps it was less about subconscious programming than meeting an equal and enjoying communicating.


    »Ik Volg«

    • If your sigil, Happiqot and other writings were merely designed to cause discussion, then you have achieved your goal. My opinion of them changes every time I read them, but to no solid end, with the beginning and the end being a bit hazy too.

      Provocation of thought, discussion, questioning; if those were your intentions, then I bow to you. Perhaps a taste of my own medicine with a bitter hint of orange will do me well. Tang for the soul.

      The ethics of magic is at the core of the chaosphere, no? Each man must find a way to balance the center on his own hand to keep the chaos from shifting too far in any direction, lest we lose ourselves within our pursuits. In the grey area where law and morality meet is where we find ethics. That line between ‘can’ and ‘should’ is not always clear, and that is where we each must draw our own lines in the sand. At times these lines are changed as we grow in experience, age, and ability, but at other times our ethics are not compatible with the norms of our peers or current society and must be willingly shifted, or forced by redefining the ‘can’ in which we live and labels to which we must adhere.

      The color of the magic has no meaning to our seasoned eyes, so I can appreciate comments of mauve and such. It is merely an analogy to allow the mundane mind to classify the intent of our practice. Our logical minds strive for reason while the true nature of everything is chaos. The dichotomy existence I suppose.

      This classification is clearly flawed when the existence of an antithesis is considered. If you forget dualism, can things not fall up? Negative magic directed at negative circumstances can create a positive outcome, so does it really matter whether I cure the person or kill the disease? All things are equal, the results are the same, I just shed blood instead of tears.

      Red runs deep.



  2. The Happitqot sigil works as an anti-power sigil designed to have the effect it had on you in that you refuse and resist like the archetype Lokupleto, to recognise it for what its worth – a nasty piece of work – and pass the test. Refuse. Resist. That my correspondence created some correspondence seems a good thing in that I really need some correspondence with actual people in the magus-field especially the Chaosphere.

    To what end yields a solid goal? One intention of my circular correspondences recently: to open up the possibility for sharing individual currents. This might seem like a very personal question but would you feel willing to teach me a rubric that you have created?– And, do the sigils on your artwork come from your own personal alphabet of desire? If so, would you be willing to swap them in exchange for the keys to own personal Sigla table with its Gematric system? I still really haven’t touched on creative sythesis with another mage as of yet, which just seems a plain shame is all.

    I guess that now forms my true intentions {temporarily anyway}: like, for example, if you taught me your rubric what results would it produce if I projected your own incantations back onto you? This is a grey area for me as I’ve never done it before but again it’s this idea of exchange which interests me.

    Orange. Tangy. You can’t get to yellow from red unless you go by orange! So you’re a painter? Me too, although not very skillfully. I’m attempting to create a piece of artwork for the Neue Slovensiche Kunst which is a virtual state with a virtual embassy who issue passports. When they rock up to cities to open up their ‘temporary hegemonic zones’ you just rock up as well with your passport and get it stamped. It says on the passport pages: ‘Art is fanaticism that demands diplomacy.’ They retain all that is totalitarian about art as their leitmotif and the stag is a recurring symbol.

    Is it worth you drawing a line in the sand of this correspondence or can we retain the discussions and talk about the nature of our comparative systems? Can implies permission/should implies could.

    I repurchased Carroll’s Liber Kaos after years having fallen out of verse with it and I’m yet to reread it so I never really internalized the colour system he talks about and to be honest the whole idea of the Chaosphere is not really central to my system at present. What does the Chaosphere mean to you?

    Coming back to the ‘can’ and ‘should’ bit. Can we set up a rhizomatic fraternity designed for the free association of its members because we should?– or should we set up a rhizomatic fraternity of free association because we can. Cross-pollination! And, of course, praxis-classification …

    If you cure the disease you might kill the person. I think I need my parasites feeding on this dying host!

    Yours, Elijah. I’m 5’11” so if I assume the Tau posture then its span should tell you something about the length of my arms! :P

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