Let’s just leave the past in the past…

Information Central

Information Central (Photo credit: pjern)

I was lamenting about the loss of the information on this blog, having to compile all the information I’ve learned, and how to package it and the journey I’ve been through.  I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get everything in order, but every time I get more down, I realize that there is more for me to write.  Finally, a good friend of mind got me thinking about the whole process.

If you read Liber Kaos by Peter J. Carroll the whole point of things once you get past the foundations of how things work is to use your own processes to make things work.  He gives some guidelines on how to proceed, but he never gives you anything specific, or any ‘correct’ way to do a spell.  You are constantly told to adopt/mix/study practices from other disciplines in what you do, or even just make shit up entirely.

All the links that I provide, all the information that I had on here, the hundreds of pages of personal notes, and even my numerous journals don’t really matter at all.  They were good as a part of learning to do what I do, but when all is said and done, they don’t matter at all.  In the past (before the data loss) I gave a lot of information about my journey of learning, but I didn’t give many details of the practices.  It was mostly a record of me figuring things out for myself, and sharing that process with others.  All the ‘how I did it’ stuff was pointless to give since it was a process that I made for my own intentions and purposes, and was only useful for the execution of my own will.

Just like in the link I provide in the resources section of this blog, everything else is just for ideas to get your own process going.  I’ve read every word of the information that those links give, but I have never once cast a spell that wasn’t of my own design.  I don’t care if sprinkling sage on chicken can cause your dog to be potty-trained, if it’s not part of my structure it’s just interesting.  It may feel right for other people, but I would never cast a spell given/written by others.  I think your own intent is the most important part of casting, and how you express that will should be unique to the situation too.

I’ve known this all along, I guess I just never really formalized it on here.  This blog has been (and will still be) about how I do things, and how I continue to develop, and never about giving a tutorial.

So, my entire guide to magic is this: Figure shit out.

That’s it.

Figure out what works, make it yours, force yourself to evolve.  Figure it out.

I can’t teach you, about.com sure as fuck can’t teach you, and neither can Peter Carroll.  The only one that can teach you is yourself.

That being said, I’m going to stop trying to recoup the old information on here and just move forward with my experiences as I continue my journey.  I’ll post something soon about where I currently am and what’s been going on around me.  I have been far from mundane lately, so it should be fun for everyone.


(p.s: Thanks Becca)

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