Bam! The blog reappeared!!!


PROGRAM TEXT FILE ? (Photo credit: jasoneppink)

Just when I made a post that the blog was gone forever and I’d just have to move on from here, an awesome reader of this blog gave me a gift. He sent me a text file with the ENTIRE contents of the blog since the first post. His name is ‘(not) Chris’, and he is my hero and the only reason that this blog has returned to its original state. I need to create a few more links between things, but it’s almost back to 100%.

What matters is all the information is here.  I know, like I said in my last post, it’s not really an instruction manual it’s merely the story of my journey, but there seem to be quite a few who have enjoyed following it so far.  To have it back makes me so happy I could just crap my pants.

Thanks again ‘(not) Chris’!  I, and everyone who reads it in the future, am in debt to you and your internet sorcery.


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