I really can’t believe this one…

I’m simply amazed at things sometimes. The firewall we have at work, Sonicwall by Dell, just blocked this blog as pornography. Really? How in the hell did they figure that this was a porn blog? I’ve done a bit of reading on the net, and it’s not the first time it’s happened, but I had never heard of such a thing. I guess it’s finally time to root my iPhone so I can tether my Mac and get past the restrictions. To any of you that use SonicWall, this isn’t the only site that will/has been blocked.

I guess I should set up a domain and is kind of crap won’t happen as often. I thought I would be blocked for being an occult site. I never imagined a porn label.

IO Chaos?

Update: It turns out that it was a pushed patch from Dell that pretty much set all WordPress sites as porn. It should be fixed, but the timeframe is unknown. *facepalm*


Back into the swing of things…

English: Danboard holding a Christmas gift.

English: Danboard holding a Christmas gift. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After a long holiday season, some work can finally be done without insane amounts of distraction and interruption.  Why play the Christmas game?  Well, if it wasn’t deemed Jesus’s birthday by the church it’s entirely pagan, and that’s pretty cool to me.

Being of no definable religion has its advantages too.  Christmas loot?  Hell yes.  An excuse to have a feast and booze bender for Winter Solstice?  Indeed.  Old-school gift giving on New Years?  Oh yeah.  I think that’s the best one too.  The wife and I run around to the post-Christmas sales and nab huge deals on things.  It’s like multiple holidays of gifts in a short period of time.  We still have New Year’s eve to go, but I can already tell you that it will be legendary.  I’m really not much of a drinker, but I do make a few exceptions throughout the year.

Last year Christmas was fun too.  We did the normal ‘exchanging of loot’ and did our traditional Chinese buffet, and then read tarot cards well into the night.  It was especially memorable since my Brother-In-Law is a good little Catholic boy and we blew his mind.

Now that we are almost done celebrating what we are, and who we are, I can get back down to some serious business again.  My first project has been to get back into doing my Theban calligraphy again.  I really like doing my journals and other writings in Theban not just because of the fact that family members can’t read it, it also gives things a personalized look that makes me happy when I’ve done them.  After careful writing with ink, terrified the whole time that I’ll make a mistake and have to start over, I like to go through and add a splash of flourish and illumination so many of them come out as a piece of artwork that reflects my artistic abilities and my beliefs at the same time.  I think they will be an interesting thing to give my daughter when she gets older.  It could be interesting for her to see a part of her father that she may not have known.

Or she could convert to Mormonism and burn them.  You never can tell.

Seriously…what was he thinking?

The derivation of the sigil of Hagiel, the pla...

The derivation of the sigil of Hagiel, the planetary intelligence of Venus, drawn on the magic square of Venus. Each Hebrew letter provides a numerical value, giving the vertices of the sigil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s see if I can answer this by just talking it out on my own.  Sometimes doing this kind of thing really helps me gain an understanding of the whole picture.  I’ve had plenty of realizations while writing a post for this blog.

So, why would someone try to manipulate others if there was a good chance they could figure out that it was happening?  There was some information recommended to me by its author a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to go for it, even though what he had already sent me was just not something that turned me on.  All of a sudden, page 4: BAM!  A sigil!  Wtf?  You already know that’s an area of expertise most Chaotes have, even if they don’t tend to do their practice with them.  Hell, many people outside the practice of chaos know plenty about sigils.  Some disciplines even use other styles and methods of using them.  So why then would someone who already knows that this information is part of my training try to slap me with one across the face?  It’s not like it was part of a writing or explanation of something.  It was just sitting there on a page all by itself, waiting to slap whomever happened to come along and flip to page 4.

I don’t know how any of you would feel about this kind of thing, but it really pissed me off.  I considered it to be a shitty form of manipulation and an insult to my intelligence that I wouldn’t know what in the hell it was.  The makeup of it tells me it’s some sort of Magic Square sigil combined with some of the more modern sigil techniques.

Really?  Am I that stupid?

The good news is that through a little bit of internet sleuthing, I know everything about the guy except for the length of his arms.  I guess the question is: What am I going to do about it?  As I try to answer the question I posted above, the only thing I can think of is he’s either SUPER egotistical in his perceptions about his manipulative efficacy, or he’s an idiot that thinks we’re all idiots too.  That’s it.  That’s all I can really come up with.

Do I beat down the wannabe bully, or do I leave the fool to his own parade.  If he was 15 I could kind of justify his actions, but this guy is a grown man.  I think I’m going to try to dismantle his sigil a bit more and see what the gist of his intentions were with it.  If I can get that figured out then I can make my final decision.  If it’s along the lines of “make people read my poorly written manifesto” I’ll let it slide, if it’s a personal attack I’ll have some fun with him.  I have friends all over his area in the UK that would have fun with a little red magic.  You know, the kind that doesn’t actually do anything but scare the shit out of them.  Then they get paranoid.  Hahahahaha.

I love Chaos.

Bam! The blog reappeared!!!


PROGRAM TEXT FILE ? (Photo credit: jasoneppink)

Just when I made a post that the blog was gone forever and I’d just have to move on from here, an awesome reader of this blog gave me a gift. He sent me a text file with the ENTIRE contents of the blog since the first post. His name is ‘(not) Chris’, and he is my hero and the only reason that this blog has returned to its original state. I need to create a few more links between things, but it’s almost back to 100%.

What matters is all the information is here.  I know, like I said in my last post, it’s not really an instruction manual it’s merely the story of my journey, but there seem to be quite a few who have enjoyed following it so far.  To have it back makes me so happy I could just crap my pants.

Thanks again ‘(not) Chris’!  I, and everyone who reads it in the future, am in debt to you and your internet sorcery.


Let’s just leave the past in the past…

Information Central

Information Central (Photo credit: pjern)

I was lamenting about the loss of the information on this blog, having to compile all the information I’ve learned, and how to package it and the journey I’ve been through.  I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get everything in order, but every time I get more down, I realize that there is more for me to write.  Finally, a good friend of mind got me thinking about the whole process.

If you read Liber Kaos by Peter J. Carroll the whole point of things once you get past the foundations of how things work is to use your own processes to make things work.  He gives some guidelines on how to proceed, but he never gives you anything specific, or any ‘correct’ way to do a spell.  You are constantly told to adopt/mix/study practices from other disciplines in what you do, or even just make shit up entirely.

All the links that I provide, all the information that I had on here, the hundreds of pages of personal notes, and even my numerous journals don’t really matter at all.  They were good as a part of learning to do what I do, but when all is said and done, they don’t matter at all.  In the past (before the data loss) I gave a lot of information about my journey of learning, but I didn’t give many details of the practices.  It was mostly a record of me figuring things out for myself, and sharing that process with others.  All the ‘how I did it’ stuff was pointless to give since it was a process that I made for my own intentions and purposes, and was only useful for the execution of my own will.

Just like in the link I provide in the resources section of this blog, everything else is just for ideas to get your own process going.  I’ve read every word of the information that those links give, but I have never once cast a spell that wasn’t of my own design.  I don’t care if sprinkling sage on chicken can cause your dog to be potty-trained, if it’s not part of my structure it’s just interesting.  It may feel right for other people, but I would never cast a spell given/written by others.  I think your own intent is the most important part of casting, and how you express that will should be unique to the situation too.

I’ve known this all along, I guess I just never really formalized it on here.  This blog has been (and will still be) about how I do things, and how I continue to develop, and never about giving a tutorial.

So, my entire guide to magic is this: Figure shit out.

That’s it.

Figure out what works, make it yours, force yourself to evolve.  Figure it out.

I can’t teach you, about.com sure as fuck can’t teach you, and neither can Peter Carroll.  The only one that can teach you is yourself.

That being said, I’m going to stop trying to recoup the old information on here and just move forward with my experiences as I continue my journey.  I’ll post something soon about where I currently am and what’s been going on around me.  I have been far from mundane lately, so it should be fun for everyone.


(p.s: Thanks Becca)