How do I assemble so much information?


dropbox (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Since I started this blog I have collected so much information, and learned so much, that it’s overwhelming.  The individual posts along the way were wonderful for sharing my experiences one step at a time, but now I’m tasked with taking everything I’ve learned and presenting it in a consolidated form.  Much of the information should be read in a specific order so the basis for it can be understood, and other portions of it evolve over time and must be left in a semi-fluid state.

I found a couple of my larger posts (blood, servitors, etc…) tucked away in a back corner of my Dropbox account, so all is not lost for some of the really interesting information, but a lot of it is still left to be rewritten.  Over time I have learned enough that when looked at as a whole, some of the information starts to form connections to create a better understanding of how everything works.

That combined with some of the intense meditative experiences I’ve had lately, it has become a bigger task than I has estimated to assemble everything into a coherent collection.  I’m already closing in on 10,000 words, and I’m probably not even one-quarter done recording all the information.  If I expand on a lot of the information, rather than just giving a brief overview and focusing on the primary concepts, it could easily turn into a book.

I’m not into making money off any of this stuff (which is why I refuse to do personal services), it’s just a logistical issue.  How does one present a reference book worth of knowledge on a blog?  I’m really hesitant to open a formal website due to privacy and maintenance concerns, but that may be the only real option as a long-term solution to the problem.

I’m glad to see people are checking in with the site to see if it’s still around, and I promise that progress is being made.  I’ve spent tons of time lately working on the content for the site and there is just so much to do that it seems endless.  Stay tuned!  Things are happening behind the scenes, and I have some amazing recent experience to share with all of you.  Some of it even scared the hell out of me, which is not easy to do.