Time to start over…

“Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it ...

“Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.”Tom Barrett (Photo credit: katerha)

Well, the blog is thrashed and there seems to be no reasonable way to get it back, despite my efforts.  I guess the only thing now is to start over.

This does give me a unique opportunity to shift the direction of the site a bit.  I am no longer the neophyte that I once was.  I now have much more experience in Chaos, and can assume a different role in my writings.  There is always more to learn, but after more than a year with chaos and many years of my other involvement in the arts, I now feel comfortable not only sharing the new experiences that I have, but the way Chaos interacts with other forms of work that I do.  Chaos acts as an umbrella that covers all things, but the knowledge I gained before I found Chaos still feel like they are part of a different process.

The only thing worth while that was saved was the about page and the resources page.  I am going to update the About page a bit (it’s been a while), but the resources page should be ample for right now.  I can rewrite some of the more in-depth posts that I have done, and will focus on the most popular ones first (blood, servitors, etc).

I’m also open to suggestions about new topics and any information people would like to see on the site first.

IO Chaos!


The blog is still thrashed…

As you can see, the blog is still just thrashed. I just got the header uploaded again, and I still haven’t spent any time searching for cached versions of the old pages. There was a lot of good info that I would like to get back, as I even reference it myself sometimes.

Life gets a bit nuts, but I should eventually get there. My work (job) is accelerating like a madman, so I’ve been insanely busy, but with great results. Between that and the baby, the site has sadly taken a back seat.

Slowly it should return to being worthwhile again.