Are Ouija there yet?

I know my posts have becoming more sparse these days, but there have been a few deaths in the family, and some catastrophic data loss at work. If you want to talk about Chaos, have one rogue command run through and nuke the entire system tree of a Linux system. Ouch.

My ultra powerful focus is just about complete, it just needs to have the big ugly juju dumped into it, and then I can nuke things as I see fit. I know it’s probably a bad idea to have such a dark focus, but after I make a collection of other foci, it will just be one of the tools I have to work with.

My wife (one of the few I can trust to not be an ass) actually had the planchette on a Ouija board move for our first time. All we got was MS (with a loooong break between movements) when we were asking about the entities sex. My wife and I knew it was there, so we could skip a few of the normal introductory questions. After those two letters came out, the planchette moved itself off the board, so we figured it was done talking. We can take a hint.

I’ve done a bit of divining to help me understand some of the strange things that I have been hearing from above me (our department, etc), which has led me into some healing magic. Even though I’m in an ugly place inside, I think this one is pure enough to fire off correctly without some sort of dark twist. The poor lady has been through enough darkness with it that it might just help rifle her out of it if things get a bit strange.

My dreams have been awful, but that is attributed to the ptsd. My night terrors (and trying to carry my wife places) is supposed to be controlled by one of my new pills, but it’s not doing a damned thing for it.

I just roll with it, and so does my wife. There are a lot worse things that can go bump in the night than a drugged-out husband trying to find a urinal.

The focus will be done soon, then testing will commence.

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