I met my spirit guide…finally…

I know it has been a while since I posted anything that directly relates to my Liber KKK training. The reason is that the Shamanistic portion has been something of a problem for me to work on in my new house. My private space has now been setup to be shared; and while that’s a good thing within the family, it makes it difficult for working magick through meditation, especially while one is still learning to get really good at the process.

The good news is, we have a new understanding about the shared space. My wife and I have both agreed that we each need totally private time every now and then, so we just make it clear and the other does not interrupt unless there is a crisis or the door opens. This has really helped me focus on the Shamanistic portion of the Liber KKK, and has led me to truly feel complete on the invocation part of it.

After much searching, I have finally met my spirit guide. It’s not a servitor that I have created, but an actual spirit, or god-form, that is not of my making. This is awesome to find because it allows me to get information, wisdom, and guidance from something that isn’t tainted by my own opinions and beliefs. Socrates almost fits the bill for this one, but I have him out on so many information gathering errands that I don’t want to interrupt what he’s so good at.

The Shamanic Evocation, as you can tell by many of my other posts, is well-practiced in my relationships with Lazarus and Socrates. That leaves me with a bit more practice on the Divination and Enchantment portions, and then the final piece will be the illumination; the ëvision quest’ as it is traditionally called.

I’m not sure exactly how I will approach the illumination, but I’ll cross that bridge when I feel comfortable with starting that final piece of the Shamanism section. I also see it as the most important part, and is the portion that I feel will be best for me to carry into the Ritual section of the training.

I know my progress looks slow, but I don’t want to be incomplete about my training. If I’ve learned one thing so far, it’s that the more I work on magick, the less I know about everything as a whole, and even my own perception about reality. Cautioned, careful, and complete learning is the key for me, and I won’t consider myself truly finished until I’m comfortable that I can practice and continue to learn in a safe and educated way.

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