Discrimination against the occult…

Religious symbols from the top nine organised faiths of the world according to Major world religions From left to right: 1st Row: Christian Cross, Jewish Star of David, Hindu Aumkar 2nd Row: Islamic Star and crescent, Buddhist Wheel of Dharma, Shinto Torii 3rd Row: Sikh Khanda, Bah·’ “ star, Jain Ahimsa Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At work they installed a new firewall to keep workers out of non-work related websites. They started with the default list of sites that were provided by the manufacturer and then added the sites that were recommended by our regulating authority. I understand this, and have no problem with it. you would think that others were shot in the gut the way they are squalling about the blockage, but I used to work in high-level IT so I understand the need for this kind of action.

What ticks me off is there is a list of blocked websites that are in the Cult/Occult category of blocked sites, including some that are about the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, and yet none of the Christian sites are blocked. There are even some mainstream religions (Hindu, Buddhist, Bahai, Shinto, etc…) that are blocked, but I couldn’t find a single Christian site that was blocked. Not one. At all.

I know, it’s work and I shouldn’t be looking at that kind of thing anyway, but a little bit of equality would be nice every now and then. It’s too small of a company to launch a campaign against it without being doomed to a career of crappy jobs, and I wouldn’t be able to get enough out of the deal to retire on it. I’ll just have to work a few tricks to get a little bit even.

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