How about a purple pill instead?

How in the hell did I get so lucky? I live in one of the most religiously conservative areas in the Pacific Northwest, and I found a doctor that actually respects my religious/spiritual beliefs.

That means, the Dr. has no problem with my meditation, magic, or even my blood work. I almost fell over I was so damn stunned. As for the pills? Not a bad batch in my opinion.

The doc saw no reason for an antipsychotic since the only ‘visions’ and experiences I have center around my spiritual practices, so just some stuff to help fight my restless legs so I can get some much needed sleep at night. Other than that, I’ve been prescribed exercise, which my doc suggested may become a part of my meditation. Once you find a sustainable cadence in what you’re doing, you can let your mind go and have some pretty awesome experiences I guess. And, since I’ll be on a bike at the gym, I can close my eyes and not watch where I’m going. She described it kind of like a physical mantra.

So, that’s it. I was fortunate to meet the only doctor I have ever personally experienced that doesn’t treat non-mainstream beliefs as a sign of psychosis. She said the sleep and exercise will help a lot, and she sees no need for any other psych treatments at this time. I am still taking more pills in a day than I like to, but life’s just that way some times.

Hooray for option C!

The Chaos shall continue!!!

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