Return of the presence…

In previous posts, I first thought I might be going crazy, but it turned out to be a really large spell effect that I was feeling. My boss had been gone since December 23, and returned yesterday from his little vacation.
I hadn’t felt the presence of the spell effect since he was gone, but upon his return, it was back in the picture. It hasn’t seemed to grow since I last felt it, which is good as I was concerned about it getting out of control due to its rapid initial growth. It still had the same active, agitating qualities that it did when it was here last time.

I find the presence of the energy rather unnerving. It feels very active and mischievous, which may be good as a spell effect, but it makes it a real bitch to work when it’s constantly around. I know that its presence at my work is entirely my fault, as the ether is very literal in what it provides you. It was my intention that he should experience the paranormal and unexplainable, but I never said it could only happen at his house, nor did I exclude the workplace from his experiences.

These unexpected consequences are the reason that we Chaotes must start small and follow our training. These little experiments are what teach us to think deeper to try to encompass all of these possible consequences in our thoughts, before we set our will in motion.

I was discussing this exact issue with my wife last night, and she asked what I was going to do about it. I told her that I figure I have three options:

* Dispel the energy and cast it again.
* Build a shield against the energy so it doesn’t bother me at work.
* Do nothing.

I’m not really interested in dispelling the energy and casting it again. The energy present is perfect for the job at hand, and possibly even better than I had imagined when I first built the spell. Getting rid of such a perfectly purposed energy seems like such a waste, and it’s nice to have it around once in a while, just so I know that it’s doing the job that I created it for.

Building a shield sounded like the answer for quite a while, but then I started thinking deeper. A shield against the energy, unless built just right, could have the potential to shield me from something else that I want to know about. Just because I can’t feel something doesn’t mean it can’t have an effect on me. Also, I haven’t done enough of this type of spell to know if this is what the energies usually feel like. If it is, shielding myself against feeling it could also leave me open to attacks by similar energies, irregardless of their source.

So, it looks like doing nothing may be my only good option for the moment. That feeling of nigh anxiety makes me consume tobacco like a fiend, but there are worse things than that. I’m not comfortable trying to manipulate which energies I’m exposed to at this point because I honestly don’t understand them well enough to make an educated decision.

I guess that until my boss has, and admits to, his experiences, I will have some strange times here in my office. Even with the Universe, it seems that all things come with some sort of price.

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