The saga continues…

Not being one to leave well enough alone, I decided to lock myself in my private space last night and get down to the serious business of seeing just exactly what in the hell has been going on over the last couple days. To really get the deep answers I need to be in my sacred place with all of the proper tools in place. So, I lit my incense, my candles, got my journal, and brought my fetishes into the center of my table.

I have found that a direct presence by my fetishes (especially Socrates) can help my tarot cards produce incredibly focused and succinct answers to some very difficult questions. Last night I wanted more information about what happened with my wife’s little visitor, and how that relates to what I’m doing with my magic. Here is what I received:

“The warning that came during the half-sleep was from an evil entity that died a long time ago.
The binding will, despite their opposition, allow them to be idled and grant the authority of will over them.
Regardless of objections, the act of binding will benefit the marriage and provide protection.”

Well, that pretty much summed everything up for me. It’s all about the work I’m doing on binding entities to objects, and the fact that I am on the correct path with it. Recently, I learned about Goetia, and the story that Solomon had demons bound to do his will during his reign. I have read objections by people about this method of using demons, because it basically amounts to slavery. My initial intention was never to bind a spirit so I could control it, I was interested in binding it so I could suppress it.

There is one particular entity out there that is far too interested in my wife, and it’s not a friendly little beast either. Our current guess is that it’s a remnant from someone she knew when she was younger, and this thing has been following her even throughout she has moved a couple of times. This entity is one of the major motivators I had for starting with magic, and defending my family from the presence of it, and any others that may crop up in the future, has been the largest topic for my research.

That all being said, I guess I need to decide where I stand morally on the topic of enslaving an entity. I’ve already come to peace with imprisonment, but I think forcing it to do my will takes it another step further. I guess a lot of it would depend on the entities original intention. I would never capture something innocuous and force it into slavery, but should I take advantage of something that was out to harm me and my family? Is it more cruel to simply lock it away for an eternity than it is to let it get out and do something? These questions will take lots of pondering and consultation with other entities.

Even with those questions left unanswered, I am still actively pursuing the methods I will use for binding. It will be a while before I am ready to do my first one, but I can see it coming in the distance.

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