The conundrum of mental health…

I’m noticing a strange trend. When you’re a happy Christian, everyone things you’re this really grounded, wonderful person. Once they find out that you’re anything else, they try to slap psychiatric labels on you.

The moment you come in contact with something outside of meditation you’re a Schizoid. Don’t fit well in a group of people? Schizotypal. Don’t give a shit if others approve of what you do? Narcissistic. Don’t bind yourself to Christian ideals? Antisocial.

The real kicker is, they want you take pills so you can conform to their ideals. If you don’t you’re Paranoid, which is just another reason you should take their pills.
Yeah, I know I have some issues going on, but damn…choice of religion is not an illness, it’s a right. Working really hard to make spiritual progress and breakthroughs isn’t hallucinatory, it’s a result.

I said it on Twitter the other day, and I’ll repeat it here: Just because you can’t hear the voices doesn’t mean they aren’t speaking.

If it’s something that bothers you or can bring to yourself or others: seek treatment and play by the rules of your medical team. If they just don’t like the way you live your life: tell them to fuck off.

One response to “The conundrum of mental health…

  1. Ok, you’ve been off this site for a while, and that’s fine. I found this well after the last post. But my god(and or belief system in flux) is there a lot of info here.
    This is the post that broke the camels back.
    Back when I was just thinking of magic as a different way to do things with the brain and not even looking at magic, I created a thought form. It was meant to be a little assistant to help me remember things.
    In the midst of a minor panic attack I had (I get small ones from time to time) I talked to one of my two closest friends about it. It just came out in my fearful ramblings in a text chat. Later that night, I get a message back from her and my other best friend. It was well past the end of the attack.
    We argued for the better half of an hour. They wanted me to get help, saying I had schitzo.
    It, really hurt to see that your closest friends can’t understand.
    This all happened before I read anything about thoughtforms. And, lo and behold. Rule one is “Tell No One”

    You summed up why in a very nice blog post here. Thanks for listening to me rant, May your travels be full of magic and fun. cast well.

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