The training still goes on…slowly…

Totally not me.

When I first read the Liber KKK I remember wondering why it said that it would take a person at least a year to complete the training. And, now I know. Part of it is life getting in the way, and I think another part of it is becoming comfortable with what you’ve done. Even in the early parts of the training you start to see the potential of the practice, and it makes you want to try other little experiments. And then those lead to other ideas and the progression towards the end of the training slows to a crawl.

These delays have been good learning experiences, and have taught me some of the boundaries I should be careful with, without being large, dangerous spells. I feel bad about not updating this site more often, but it seems difficult when things just become a way of life, rather than a special event when you do them.

One of the things I’m finding frustrating is a total lack of spiritual activity at my new house. My old one had some minor activity, but it was enough to keep the senses sharp and the intuition well-practiced. My new house is just devoid of anything. Once in a while there is a fleeting something that wanders through, but that’s it. Nothing sustained or familiar. Those old interactions were an interesting part of my learning. The forces in the area would react differently depending on what I was doing, and at times would serve as a warning that I was doing something wrong. I’m just glad I had them there for my formative months with magic.

That’s all for now. I look at this site every day, I just don’t always know what to write about. Feel free to drop me an email/twitter/comment if you have anything you would like me to cover.

Until then: Cast hard, sleep well.

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