The New Sigil…

It’s not very often that I use a sigil in my practice, but I thought it would be appropriate this time. Without going into too many details, I wanted to give someone a very special experience. The experience of a lifetime in fact.

I figured that a servitor or some sort of minion summoned up through other methods might have the potential to get out of control, so I used the sigil so I could better represent the exact intentions of my will. Merely making a sigil is not enough, it does have to be charged and fired, so that will take place over the four-day weekend that I have coming up.

I need this one to have a very strong effect, so I will use blood, and the fact that it is very specific will keep it from going overboard. That’s the one thing that I have found to be the hardest with magic is being specific enough to get the job done without a huge chance of something going sideways. It reminds me a bit of those movies where there is some genie granting wishes, but he’s kind of an asshole about it. Any hole or ambiguity in your intention seems to attract the forces of magic to do things in a wacky way. And, as with most things in life, control is the real key to it.

Just like Chaos mathematics in science, Chaos Magick is massively effected by the bazillion tiny variables that you didn’t account for. That’s why caution and deep thought are such a necessary part of this discipline.

Cast hard, be safe.

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