Something stirs in the ether…

I’ve never claimed to know a ton about magick, I’ve only claimed to have an open mind, and be willing to try things to search for answers. I am almost half way through my Liber KKK training now, and there are a few things that I have learned.

The first is that I don’t know shit. While this may seem obvious to many, and even myself, it is new to me in scope. I’ve never been massively egotistical about what I know, but I thought I had a fairly good handle on things. Since my entry into the world of magick, I have learned that there is more out there than I could have even fathomed, and that some of the truths of reality are far more strange than any author could have ever imagined.

The second thing that I have learned, is that my gut (which has been terrifyingly reliable in the past) is something I should trust when it comes to magick. It has helped me to steer clear of some dangerous outcomes, let me use my intuition to dive deeper into divination, and allowed me o feel secure in my practice up to this point.

The problem that I’m facing now, and apparently I’m not alone in this, is that there is something terribly wrong going on. I’m not talking about politics, economics, or even religion. I’m talking about the very fabric of energy that most of us magicians draw upon to perform our works. I started this discussion with a trusted friend, who is a practitioner of another discipline, over three weeks ago, and he was concerned about some of the results that he had been getting. Others I have spoken with have been experience a similar problem, and one even gave me a grave warning today about the use of magick in the current environment.

My gut tells me there is a problem, others tell me there is a problem, and my own workings tell me there is a problem. Now, this could just be some sort of mass hysteria induced by social, economic, and political problems that seem to be plaguing the majority of the planet right now, or it could be something else. It could be a whole bunch of bad energy flowing from somewhere.

It could be our society as a whole tainting the normally neutral energies that we work with, it could be a cyclical thing that none of us have ever experienced before, or it could be a possibility that I simply don’t have my mind wrapped around yet. Whichever way it goes, I’ve made the decision to be entirely mundane for a while. I’m not going to exclude my cards as I feel that they work a bit differently than conjuration, but that’s it. If I meditate it, it will only be relaxation and stress relieving techniques; no astral travel, no astral divination, and definitely no astral magick.

Even if nobody else trusts my gut, I sure as hell do. So, until I feel comfortable about things, I’m out. I’ll update the blog when I can with interesting information, but you shouldn’t expect to see any updates about the practice until this blows over. I don’t have a good read on when we’ll be in the clear, but it’s looking like it will be a while. If you’re a practitioner, I would highly recommend you do the same. Slip under a rock, stay out of the way, and live to fight another day.
This one is bigger than all of us.

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