Breaking in the new house…

When I first saw my new house, I liked the looks of it. It has a usable layout, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and about everything else I could want in a place that was built in 1920. The only thing the place came with that I didn’t like was some seriously bad juju.

Over its 91 year history the place has had its fair share of problems. It has been repossessed twice that I know of and reeks of depression and bad endings. The main part of the house has to be setup for functionality and the safety of my daughter, but the office is where I can do anything I want. So, I setup the layout of the room to ooze relaxation and comfort.

So far it is the most relaxing room in the house. My current intentions are to spend some quality meditation time in there and really get the good energy flowing through. The hard part has been, between the move and a small cold that has run through the family, there hasn’t been a moment of peace. Hopefully tonight will be nice and mellow so I can put me feet up and get into the zone.

My fetishes are much happier in the new house. They are currently living up nice and high, out of reach of my baby. Their final resting place will be a shelf that only I can reach. That way I can handle them all I want and others can just look. For those of you who have never tried to move and reestablish your sacred space: avoid it if you can. Throughout the entire move, I have found that it has been hard finding the time and space to practice, and I didn’t get to take any of the the energy from my old space with me. It’s almost like starting over, but at least I know how to do it again.

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