Lots and lots of meditation…

Over the weekend I had a bit of a break from restoring my new house while the finish on the floor cured.  I spent the time with family, eating bad food, watching football, and (of course) meditating.  I’ve been working on my meditation fairly steadily as I move into the shamanism portion of the Liber KKK; just trying to get into really deep states on a regular basis to help me with related conjurations.

While meditating last night, I had an animal visitor while I was sitting in my sacred place.  He was a little black and white cat, probably about 2/3 grown, and was very friendly.  I’ve always had an affinity for cats over other animals.  Their independence and selective affection works very well with my personality, unlike dogs who need constant affection every moment of their day.  The little guy came up to me while I was just sitting and relaxing and rubbed on my leg.  I gave him some affection at a little treat and he settled into my lap while I laid back and enjoyed the peace of my special time.

Does this encounter mean anything?  Hell if I know.  I enjoy cats so it’s a possibility that my subconscious just created him to help my enjoyment of my sacred place.  He could be some sort of symbolic message or guide, but that will become clear in time.  If he becomes a recurring guest in my sessions, then I will have to figure out some sort of purpose or meaning for him, but until then I’ll just enjoy the company.

As i left my sacred place last night he didn’t try to follow me.  He just sat and watched me leave.  If he turns out to be some sort of spirit guide, I will be surprised but accepting.  I always figured a spirit guide was some sort of grand, powerful symbol of our ideal selves, not an adorable adolescent house cat.  But, as I’m finding out throughout this entire journey, things are what they are, and I really don’t have much control over them.

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