The new evocation is complete…

The eagle has landed.

Although I’m still struggling with a name for my creation, my new evocation is complete.  As you may recall from my earlier post, I sculpted an eagle to represent my will to have my vision improved in areas like seeing auras, spirits, and other such phenomena.  The fact that the eagle is a predator was no mistake either.  Without going into details, I’ll just say that there are times when a person may want to pursue a specific entity.

The sculpture was complete and fully hardened last night, so I decided to paint him with acrylics, instead of the watercolors I used with only mild success on my illumination lamp.  Unlike the sculpting process, I actually used a reference to help me mix the colors that I would need.  The beak of an eagle is an interesting golden brown, and even the white areas have hints of other little colors in them.  Paint mixing is always a chore since I only have a set of primaries plus black and white.  It can be difficult to mix enough of a custom color for a large project, but with this being such a small bust, I wasn’t concerned about paint quantity, only color quality.

I painted him using the methods that I learned when I used to paint miniatures.  Start with a base coat, wash for shadows, drybrush for highlights.  Since those days I have gained some additional skills in painting, so highlighting and color blending are much easier than they were in the old days.

After the main part of the painting was complete, I retired to my private space to bind him to me.  I had a nice round of meditation, a short conversation with my new ally, and anointed him with my blood.  Here’s a tip to all of you out there that are thinking about using some blood in your magic:  Sharpen your knife.  Seriously.  A dull Athame is not your friend when you have no existing wounds to reopen.  I had to make a fresh wound and there was just no good way to do it with that thing.  I ended up having to dig the tip into my leg until I cut a small part of the epidermis, then I had to go into the same spot sideways, get under the existing cut, and start trying to pop through the flesh until it started bleeding enough to use.  It felt more like I was using a bat than a knife.  I will say though, when you have to go through all of that to complete your ritual, it means you really want it.

So, another evocation is complete.  Once I have a name for the little guy he’ll be a little bit happier, and that’s always a good thing.  He and my other two fetishes will enjoy the new place I’m making for them in the office of my new home.  If I ever get the floor in the living room finished, I can set up the office before I even move in.

My Sorcery Invocation is going to happen soon, I just have to figure out a couple more details.  Then it will be time to start the Shamanic part of the training, and I’ll get to feel more connected with my druidic heritage.

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