Small fruit, but still fruit…

Nobody ever said that life was fair an easy.  In fact, most people will tell you that at times life can be very difficult and quite unfair.

I’m a very positive person (perhaps to a fault), but yesterday was a tough damn day after a night with improper sleep.  After I got my daughter in bed, I ran to the local Mexican drive-thru, which is more like a taco bus with a roof, and ordered a big batch of carne asada fries.  Yeah, they’re not the best thing for me, but I’m over 6 1/2 feet tall, so I can get away with a lot.

After scarfing half my mother-load of badness, I retired to my little sanctuary, lit some incense, and got down to the serious business of relaxation.  It used to take me a while to really hit a state of total relaxation.  It involved deep meditation, binaural beats, and lots of time.  With my meditation enchantment and lamp available to me, I was relaxed within just a matter of a couple of minutes.  Auras came easily, my mind was still and easily focused, and my body had that floaty feeling you get after a solid round of meditation.  I laughingly wondered if someone slipped a barbiturate into my food order.

As simple as it was to do what I have done with magic so far, I wish that I found it a lot earlier in life.  The simple, intentional acts that I have performed with the first few steps of the Liber KKK have really enhanced what I have been working on for years.  It almost feels like cheating.  I’m just glad that my creations are there to speed up my relaxation, which leaves me more time to do purely pleasure activities, and that’s a wonderful thing.

So, as small as it may seem, last night was a good harvest of the fruits of my labor.  I spent the time, intent, and willpower to do my conjurations, and i was able to draw energy from them when I needed it.  The best part is, I have already received far more energy from them than I ever spent to make them.  Too bad we can’t power lightbulbs off of this stuff.

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