Just a little bit of relaxation…

Yesterday was a big day.  Not a bad day, just lots of things pulling me in tons of different directions, some of which can be very stressful.  So, I decided to pretty much take last night and dedicate the entire thing to relaxation.  After dinner and a touch of shopping, my wife and I had frappes and watched the first disc of True Blood: Season 3.  I know…season 4 is already playing, but we wait for things to hit Netflix before we watch them.  After our two episodes were over, she took a shower while I did a bit of meditating, and we called it a night.

It’s the reason I built my lamp.  I handle stress poorly, and I need to start relaxing a bit more so my head doesn’t explode.  Last night was a step in the right direction for stress management.  Obviously, I have too much to get done to turn into a couch potato every night, but I think that once in a while is good for the psyche.  Besides, we won’t get our next disc in until Monday.

That’s it for today’s update.  Part of handling stress better will be slowing down enough to relax once in a while I guess.

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