Tarot, Spirits, and Debunking: A Weekend Tale

It has been an eventful weekend.  Less so with esoteric matters, but an eventful weekend nonetheless.  We are currently in the process of packing up all of our belongings in preparation for our new house, so that leaves me with a lot less free time than I’m used to.  Luckily, Saturday night I did get to spend some time with my wife and the cards; two of my favorite things to spend a long evening with.

Our series of questions to the Tarot focused primarily on a strange event that happened on Friday (spontaneous object movement), and we didn’t really drift too far towards any tangents during our session.  At the end of our session, I asked my wife if she felt any presence in the area, and she said that she did.

The reason that this is noteworthy is that I’m usually completely oblivious to the presence of any entities.  We both concurred that the mood in the room changed drastically about ten minutes before we finished.  The room somehow felt smaller than it did moments before, and there was a (very uneasy) part of me that just knew that something was there with us.  It’s very hard to describe to anyone who hasn’t had this feeling before.  In fact, it was very difficult until I met my wife to confirm what this type of feeling was at all.  It almost annoys me how calm my wife can stay through experiences like this, but I guess anyone would get pretty used to it if they could do it their entire life.

I also debunked something this weekend.  I have a history as a skeptic, which is why certain people are so shocked that I’m getting into magic.  Like I told them: if I can test it, I’m willing to try anything.  My debunking was quite simple.  On Sunday morning I saw a human shadow pass across the wall of our living room.  My wife was sitting in a chair, so it wasn’t her, but my father was nowhere to be found.  He came in just a moment later and, when asked, said he hadn’t been in the front yard at all; which is the only place the shadow could originate from.  I went out front and checked, and the front gate was open, and there were footprints in the tall grass.  The neighbor kid must have come over to retrieve some sort of errant toy.

Why should I bother telling such a simple story?  I tell it because people who aren’t willing to put in a minimal amount of thought and effort to help validate/dispel their beliefs drive me nuts.  Just because you can disprove a shadow on your wall as being something special doesn’t mean there won’t be others that you can’t debunk.  I guess I’m strange in the fact that I really don’t care what the answer is, I just want the answer.  Once I know the truth, I can easily make a rational decision and progress.  Trying to force everything into my specific belief system would just make me lose faith in everything.

Side note:  If you want something fascinating to watch, check out the Clovis Wolfe Manor episode of Ghost Adventures Season 3.  It’s available on Netflix instant play, and was a great addition to my weekend.

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