Conjuration Three – Sorcery Enchantment: Update

No, I didn’t post anything over the weekend, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t busy!  Not only am I preparing to move into my new house, I spent a bit of time frolicking over the weekend.  But, that’s not really you’re here, is it?

I decided to try meditating with the enchantment that I made in my last post, and the results were wonderful.  I lit a couple of candles, sat out my meditation figure, fired up a bit of incense, and kicked on a binaural beat at 6.0 Hz.  I started out with an object focused meditation, and cleared my mind.  After about five minutes of getting my thoughts to still, I closed my eyes and was quickly able to visualize my light, and stepped right out of my body and into the void.

I kept it to a very short session of only about 15 minutes total, but it was refreshing and informative.  I saw the design for the tattoo that I want to get, and for the first time I experienced falling while meditating.  To me, it was a very different sensation than the sensation of falling while dreaming.  The experience felt perfectly real, and so does the memory.  I think that’s one of the things that I was surprised about with meditation, is that the experiences and memories feel no different from real life.

The other goal that I had during this session was to try to verbalize what I was experiencing as it happened.  The first reason I wanted to do this is because I wasn’t sure how time worked while I was meditating.  When we dream, even a really long one happens over the course of only a few seconds, but it turns out that my meditation experiences happen in real-time.  This means I’m not slipping into some sort of REM sleep during my sessions, which is a really good thing.

The second reason I wanted to see if I could talk without interrupting my meditation is for the Shamanic Divination portion of my training.  Since I will be continuing to use the runes as my primary form of divination, this could make the imagery too complex for on-the-fly interpretation during a vision quest.  If I can just verbalize what I see, along with a solid memory of events, it should make interpretation afterwards fairly straightforward.  This could also help me in achieving good results from the vision, as I won’t have as much of a chance of having my mind obsess over things if I know I don’t have to concern myself with interpretation at that time.

In my opinion, my meditation enchantment worked exactly as designed.  I was able to enter a deep state of meditation in about one-third of the time it used to take me, if I could enter the state at all.  And, more importantly, I spoke what I was experiencing, without interrupting my meditation.  Obviously, I’m going to have to do more testing with and without the object present, but I think the initial test was very encouraging.  Now I just need to figure out what else I need to make an enchantment for.

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