Conjuration Three – Sorcery Enchantment

So, I gave a serious stab at Conjuration Three last night.  The post I had yesterday inspired me to make something that would help me in my meditation.  I made a smallish figure out of modeling clay, who is seated with his legs crossed, meditating.  My intention is to have this enchantment help me when I meditate to allow me to reach deeper levels.  With modern modeling clay, and quick oven-bake times, it was a fairly simple process to complete, and the size of the figure meant I didn’t have to use much blood to anoint it.

The Liber KKK recommends two to three of this type of conjuration should be done per week, which I don’t think is an unreasonable request.  With time, this amount will decrease as I involve myself deeper within the book, and spend more time learning the ways of Chaos.  It was a fun and interesting conjuration to make, and with the excellent finish I’m putting on it, it will make a welcome addition to my office.

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