I have finally seen an aura…

Last night I got to see an aura for the first time. No, there were no chemicals involved (I actually have a strict policy against them), and it wasn’t a dream state or partial waking thing either. I was laying in bed with my wife, after a wonderful evening of tarot card readings, and finally got to see them.

My wife has been able to see auras since she was a child, and actually found it strange that most people don’t/can’t/won’t see them. It made her very uncomfortable with her ability, so she has never mentioned it that much. She said she always hated it when people found out she could see auras, because the first thing they would ask is,  “What does mine look like? “ Yes, it’s natural curiosity, but it did make her feel like a bit of a sideshow freak.

Out of respect, I have never asked her about my aura, and she has never offered up any information about it. After I saw mine last night, I also looked at hers. Without any previous collusion, she asked me what I saw. The thing that really blew my mind was we both saw the same thing. Exactly…the…same…thing! That’s astounding to me, and makes me think that there is something to it other than some optical trick.

Hopefully , seeing auras will get easier in time. Right now it takes a conscious act of will to make it happen, and a ton of concentration. After our brief round of it last night, my head hurt so bad I thought it was going to pop. Apparently, my method of seeing them pushes the boundaries of something within my body. My hope is that it acts like other parts of the body, in that it objects less if it is used more often.

Life without boundaries is awesome.

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