Rolling with the runes…

I have decided to go with the runes for my Sorcery Divination. It may be a while before I complete this step as I have to learn to interpret the runes, create a casting mat/table, and practice with them until I get fairly comfortable with reading them. I don’t see a reason why I can’t move forward in the training while still working on this one though. These steps don’t have to be done in order, but I would like to keep the groups of five together as much as I can. It seems logical to do all of my sorcery in a group before I move onto shamanism because it may require a bit of a mind shift to changes styles of magic on such a deep level.

I had a good idea about how to make a casting table though. There is a local vendor who will cut whatever I want into vinyl for a very reasonable fee. I can take my concept for casting mat and have it done up as a decal that in can apply to anything relatively smooth. This will allow me to make a semi-permanent surface to work with, and I can even use a relief of the same design in the future as a mask for different wood stain colors to make a permanent table, with a far cleaner look and feel than using a wood burner. I won’t make such a commitment until I am really comfortable with how well the design works for divining, as spending hundreds of dollars on a quality table and hours refinishing it seems silly until I know what I’m doing.

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