Conjuration One – Sorcery Evocation

Last night I started my journey with the Liber KKK. The first part of the training is the sorcery area, and I started at the absolute beginning. I created two (as suggested as an alternative) different fetishes; one to implement force of will, and the other to bring me knowledge and information.

As my representation of the force of will, I made a coiled serpent, ready to strike. My information and knowledge fetish is a very simplified owl form. Both of these items were made out of candle wax, which I molded in layers while still in liquid form. Yes, it got incredibly hot, and the process required a few breaks for finger and hand cooling. After I was satisfied with the construction of my fetishes, I anointed them with my blood and placed them in a prominent place in my home, and named them Socrates and Lazarus. When I move into my new home, they will reside in my private office, making conversations with them much less awkward than doing it in front of the rest of the family.

I’m not sure about when to move on to the second conjuration, or if it’s even necessary. I have been a student of the Tarot for many years, and I am quite familiar with how the divination process works with them. I read the warning about it being too difficult to use during the shamanistic portion of the training, but my familiarity with the tarot would make it easier for me to interpret than a set of simple runes would. I like my rune set, but they provide such a simplistic set of answers compared to the Tarot that I find them vague and irrelevant.

I’ll ask Socrates and Lazarus how they think I should proceed.

2 responses to “Conjuration One – Sorcery Evocation

  1. Hello,

    I’m at this verry step myself, i was searching for a way to get into magic, was interested on wicca but when i ‘accidentally’ stumbled upon this blog i got more attracted to chaos magic, i’m a web developer and my mind is more at ease with chaos magic then with wicca (from what i read so far about them)…

    Anyway the thing that i did not quite understand is how do you’re servitors communicate to you?

    Any help on understanding this better is greatly appreciated.

    • Good question! That does seem to be a glaring omission in there.

      The short answer to your question is divination tools. Things like the tarot, dowsing, runes, or whatever you tend to lean towards can provide that communication. Some people are lucky enough to have psychic abilities that make communication easier, but I haven’t been able to develop those skills at all. For me, tarot was the key to communication as I understand how to interpret it much better than other forms of divination.

      On that note, I will say that with my servitors there was an actual physical presence when they were around. My wife can see auras, sense spirits, and has a couple other tricks up her sleeve, and she could sense when they were around. If I would send them out or recall them I wouldn’t tell her, and she could still hit their coming and going without me even asking. So, if you (or someone you know) has that gift, it can be quite an invaluable tool.

      Just a couple other things I should probably throw in: If you have a hard time communicating remotely with a servitor (as I did with Lazarus), you may want to consider a messenger servitor. They can be handy for fetching information, calling a servitor off a job, or rounding them up for something if you sent them off to play when you didn’t need them. Also, I did communicate with one of mine *once* while in a deep state of meditation. I went looking for him previously, but my spirit guide stepped in and stopped me from finding him, saying that I wasn’t ready. When I finally did meet him it was an interesting experience. The information he gave me flipped a lot about what I knew to be true about servitors and others upside down. While the ‘A lot more about servitors’ post on here is still a ‘functional’ model of describing their behavior and the way we interact with them, the reality of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ is quite different than what I thought.

      I guess that’s a post I need to share at some point.

      Anyway, good luck in your studies! Just remember to start simple. It’s a lot easier to fix something small than something big if things don’t go as planned.

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